The Royal Week began with a grand procession through the home, featuring members of the royal family in traditional regalia in our afternoon tea parties, quiz as well as bingo.

These activities are designed to celebrate the rich heritage, cultural achievements, and community spirit associated with the royal family, providing a week full of engaging and meaningful events for all our residents.

A lovely start to our Monday at Farnham Mill, with birthday celebrations for our lovely lady. Our activities team also engaged us all with lots of lounge and balcony activities including balloon games and a very successful word game with 141 words found.

A Royal Tea Party and the chance to catch up with some ‘Royal Reading’ for our amazing Kings and our beautiful Queens of Farnham Mill.

As part of our ‘Royal Week’, at Farnham Mill, we enjoyed a fun, interactive game of ‘Royal Bingo’. No numbers instead we searched for the queen’s corgi’s, prince harry, the queen’s favourite cake and of course the King. BINGO!

Indoor and outdoor activities, this afternoon.

Our gardening club enjoyed some fresh air and a chance to check on the plants and vegetables. Others stayed cosy, in the lounge, with an afternoon of trivia and chatter.

A joyful start to our day at Farnham Mill. As we came together to enjoy our love of music. We sang along and exercised to the rhythm and beat bringing joy to our hearts, minds and voices.

Some audience participation Wednesday afternoon at Farnham Mill with the amazing Kelly Kadabra. An afternoon of pure magic, tea and cake with our good friends from Woodlands Residential Home.

Farnham Mill residents especially enjoy visits from Tootsies nursery allowing the residents to engage with the kids and bring joy to both the residents and the children. This regular visit from the nursery has become one of the favourite activities for the residents and we look forward to seeing the children once a fortnight.

Our residents had a relaxing afternoon arranging beautiful flowers with lots of chatter and afternoon tea. This allowed the residents to immerse themselves fully with all the bright colours.

Farnham Mill residents enjoyed a trip out to the Shepherd and Flock pub where we enjoyed a nice cold beer or a warm cup of tea whilst enjoying snacks and chatter around the table. We also enjoyed getting out in the fresh air.

Our monthly residents meeting took place Friday morning.

It was lovely to see so many of our ladies and gents attending the chat about their home and to make plans for the summer months. We also took time to recognise, thank and reward staff for their kindness and support to everyone in our ever growing ‘Farnham Mill Family’.

A Royal Cookery Class at Farnham Mill in the afternoon, making our late Queen’s favourite biscuit cake.

We all loved it your Majesty.

A variety of activities to choose from, this Saturday morning.

A chance to join in with a group activity word game, in the lounge, where we made one hundred and twenty words from the name ‘Winston Churchill’.

Others enjoyed some one-to-one time playing table games or having a browse around our beautiful gardens.

After the 80th D- day Anniversary this week we took time, this afternoon, to reflect and remember in our own way. We chatted, reminisced, shared memories and looked at books whilst enjoying a cuppa with dear friends.

Sunday visits with family, in the sunshine at Farnham Mill, are simply the best!

A Sunday morning read. Our special royal library trolley offered a great choice from novels and fiction to biographies and easy read magazines. Something for everyone at Farnham Mill.

A delicious ‘Sundae’ at Farnham Mill in the afternoon. Bringing the taste, smell, colours and flavours of an ice-cream parlour to our dining room.

A fun afternoon in the parlour where we enjoyed cool whippy ice cream with sprinkles, flakes, fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and crunchy cones.