This week we enjoyed walks in the garden as the sun shone, as well as lots of activities inside the home.  We had a fantastic entertainer perform for us as well as our usual flower arranging group.  As it was St George’s week we coloured pictures of St George and his dragon, played English word games, had a traditional English afternoon tea and made England flags with tissue paper.  It really was a fun week with lots of opportunities to chat and enjoy being together.

Monday 17 April, we started the day by celebrating one of our lovely residents’ birthdays with a word game.  She loves doing these and everyone joined in to see how many words we could find.

Our music therapist, Laura, was in during the morning.  She takes her keyboard and guitar into the resident’s rooms and works with them on a one-to-one basis.

In the afternoon we all enjoyed afternoon tea and the opportunity to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and share some birthday cake.

Tuesday 18 April, after a walk outside to see the ducks, lots of residents enjoyed a peaceful start to the day colouring pictures of St George.

In the afternoon our wonderful volunteer, Annie, held her baking club with residents making traditional English scones which they enjoyed later with a cup of tea as a reward for their efforts.

Wednesday 19 April, a word game took place in the lounge.  We had to find towns and villages for all the letters of the alphabet (although we didn’t include ‘x’ or ‘z’).  Other residents enjoyed hand massages which is a wonderful relaxing sensory experience.

In the afternoon one of our favourite performers came to sing and play guitar for us – Stephen Gray.  He brought his little dog Monty, our residents enjoyed stroking him as they sang along with Stephen.

We had the opportunity to celebrate another birthday.  A lovely gentleman whose daughter was able to visit and join in the celebrations.

Thursday 20 April, after enjoying morning walks in the sunshine, we played noughts and crosses on all floors.  It is such a simple game and something we have played throughout our lives, when we were little, teaching it to our children, and then playing it with our grandchildren.   It brought back many memories.

We played a word game where we had to see how many words we could make from ‘Dragon Slayer’.  We got 110 by the end of the session.

Our afternoon was taken up with our usual flower arranging.  Such a lovely array of flowers which are put in our rooms and around the home.

Friday 21 April, our residents enjoyed a ‘Spa Day’ as well as walks in the garden.  It’s lovely to see the beautiful spring flowers and the changes in the garden.

In the afternoon residents enjoyed an afternoon tea.  It’s a social event and so important for residents to be able to meet and make friendships.

Saturday 22 April, our morning started with relaxing hand massages before a lovely afternoon spent in the garden.  They are activities which give us one to one time with our wonderful activities team.

Sunday 23 April, we played balloon bounce around the home.  It’s a gentle way to exercise.

As it was St Georges Day some of our residents made England flags with tissue paper.  They were very good, and we will save them for decorations for Coronation Week.  It was a great way to end a week and we look forward to the plans of the coming week.

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