This week at Farnham Mill we learned that Holi is a Hindu festival of colour, it celebrates spring, love and new life and we had great fun creating colourful handprints we got very messy but had a lot of fun. We were surprised to wake up on Wednesday with a dusting of snow it made our gardens look Christmassy but we were warm and cosy enjoying some entertainment inside. There have been many things going on this week such as balloon games, craft, flower arranging, colourful cocktails, singing and dancing. So many things there is always something for everyone.

Monday 6 March, Laura our music therapist was at Farnham Mill working with small groups of residents. She covers all types of music and encourages the residents to sing, she supports them in playing percussion instruments and tapping out rhythms.

During a morning walk, we noticed a new visitor, a seagull had landed by our pond and was checking out the food put out for our regular birds.

In the afternoon we enjoyed an afternoon tea. With delicious cake and hot cups of tea we were able to sit together and relax.

We enjoyed celebrating this wonderful lady’s birthday. It was so lovely to share this special day with her and her family, and of course, share more cake.

Tuesday 7 March, residents got ‘hands on’ with the morning’s art session. They made very colourful handprints for Holi week. Luckily there was a bowl of soapy water nearby. We were very pleased with the end results.

In the afternoon some residents from Farnham Mill went to Hill House for the Dementia Choir. They meet every fortnight and are sounding top form as they rehearse several songs together.

Wednesday 8 March, our gardens were covered in snow, however we were warm and cosy inside and gathering together for our monthly residents meeting which was held by Laura. We were able to hear about new staff joining us, future activities and give suggestions on the summer menu.

In the afternoon Geoff Gordon sang and played his guitar for us. It was lovely to dance and sing-a-long with him, we all had a great time. Geoff gave us information about the songs, the original singers and stories about them.

Thursday 9 March, as Holi is a festival of colour, we had our colourful parachute out with balloons, we visited all floors shaking and lifting it to get the balloons off. It’s a great way to exercise our arms and work together.

More colours in the afternoon as we arranged our weekly delivery of flowers. Its lovely to be able to sit together, have a chat whilst arranging flowers and often make new friendships.

Friday 10 March, one of our fantastic chefs had a cooking workshop showing us how to make onion bhajis. Residents helped mix all the ingredients – onions, spices and flour, then make balls. Our chef cooked them after lunch and we sampled them during our afternoon tea. It was a very different cooking experience for us.

We also had freshly made cakes!!!!

Saturday 11 March, residents were busy using their arm muscles to play balloon bounce. This is a great way to stay active as we stretch and reach to hit the balloon.

One of our residents enjoys a game of scrabble so our kitchen junior spent time playing a game with her. That’s the joy of Farnham Mill, all staff are happy to join in with the fun and games around the home.

In the afternoon some of our residents took the opportunity to take a walk round our garden. We wrapped up warm as it was still a bit chilly.

Sunday 12 March, while some residents took time to watch the local church service on YouTube, others enjoyed a little bit of painting.

In the afternoon, we had a very colourful rainbow of fruit drinks to try. They were delicious and the colours were a great talking point and it was a great way to end a very busy week.

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