Flowers and friendships are some of our favourite things at Farnham Mill and we enjoyed both by being creative together, singing along with one of our entertainers, playing games which included Flower themed bingo, and then enjoying a nice afternoon tea whilst we chatted about our favourite flowers. Even our pink fluffy pigs visited Sunday afternoon for a ‘Flower Derby’ where we could cheer on our much-loved pigs. It was such a busy week and we’ve lots of memories made and ready to share with you.

Monday 30 January and we started our day with early morning walks, we were so early even the ducks were still asleep.

Our lovely Music Therapist was also at Farnham Mill singing and playing
instruments with residents from the second and first floors. It’s a great
opportunity to sing and interact with residents and this week they were able to handle percussion instruments.

In the afternoon there was more music as Gareth performed for us. We love the songs he sings, we join in and some of us even got up to dance.

Tuesday 31 January and our wonderful hair stylist, Teresa, was in so the ladies were enjoying having their hair done. It’s a very busy salon but always a great place for a catch up and a chat whilst our hair is being set.

Residents also got creative with paints as they painted their favourite flowers. It was a lovely time to chat about what we grew in our gardens as well as the scents.

Wednesday 1 February and we were creative again painting but this time we also used cupcake cases and paper plates. The finished flowers have been displayed in our lounge area.

In the afternoon we all gathered to play Bingo and as it was a flowers themed week, then obviously it was ‘Flower Bingo’. One of our lovely volunteers came to assist and she handed out flowers to those who called out ‘Bingo’. These group activities are a favourite at Farnham Mill as we can socialise, meet new residents and always have a cup of tea and cake.

Students from Lord Wandsworth also visited in the afternoon and were able to play Scrabble with one of our residents.

Thursday 2 February and we created a ‘Friendship Tree’. Residents wrote on leaves what friendship means to them. It gave us a lot to think about and realise that it means different things to different people.

Other residents helped create a flower collage, again this sparked many
memories with our residents.

In the afternoon, whilst other residents were flower arranging, one gentleman was able to visit the local Starbucks at Sainsburys for a coffee. He was very interested in the self-service check-outs so our Activity Co-ordinator was able to show him how to scan and pay. Its little trips like these that make a difference to our daily life at Farnham Mill.

Friday 3 February and after some early morning walks outside we did a few exercises around the home.

In the afternoon we had a visit from two of our favourite dogs, Norma and
Tinkerbell. We love their cuddles, and they are a great comfort to us.

Saturday 4 February and as we were looking at friendships this week we played a little game where we found out a little bit more about each other. It was called ‘Roll the Dice – Break the Ice’ game and after rolling the giant dice, you had to answer the question that matched the number on the dice. We all found it fun and agreed that vanilla was generally our favourite ice cream flavour.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a flower themed afternoon tea. The tables were beautifully decorated with flower petals and the cakes had edible flowers on them as well. What a nice way to end a Saturday.

Sunday 5 February started with garden walks and a chance to watch the local church service from St Andrews in Farnham. It was also an opportunity for our Library Trolley to visit residents around the home and exchange any books for them. One lady was very pleased to see a book by Alan Titchmarsh, one of her favourites she said.

In the afternoon we raised the roof cheering on our favourite piggy’s as we
attended the ‘Flower Derby’. All our little pigs were named after flowers and
we waved flags and cheered them on. It was a fun afternoon and another
chance to enjoy time together.

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