Songs from the 1950s were played around the home this week with lots of time for residents to reminisce and re-live those days with each other.  Lots of chat about the price of items, food we ate and, of course, fashion.  We started the week with a 1950s theme bingo game and finished the week with a 1950s afternoon tea where our wonderful Activities Co-ordinators dressed up and served us.  And although it’s been a very wet week and we didn’t get many walks outside, we enjoyed our regular flower arranging and were excited to have a ‘Library Trolley’ visit us on Sunday morning where we borrowed books as well as audio books and magazines.

Monday 2 January and we started the day by taking down some of our Christmas decorations.  We all helped taking the baubles off the trees and putting them away for another year.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a 1950s theme game of Bingo.  One of our Care Partners led the game and after doing her research, was able to tell us about the different events in the 50s which were on our cards such as the first Lollipop Man and Lollipop Women, Everest being climbed, the Motorway system being introduced as well as some of our favourite singers and actors like Doris Day, Kirk Douglas and Bill Haley and the Comets.  So much reminiscing that afternoon.

Tuesday 3 January and we had a very relaxing day – hand massages in the morning, and in the afternoon our cuddly friend, Tinkerbell, came and visited.  She put smiles on all our faces.

Wednesday 4 January and there was a bit of a break in the rain, so we managed to have a few walks outside in the gardens.  Even the sun came out for a little bit.

In the afternoon we played a song game – one of our activities team sang the first line of a well-known song, and then the residents finish the song.  It was great fun although we realised, there were many songs where we only knew the first few lines.

Thursday 5 January and we spent time updating our scrapbooks.  These are great fun to look through and they remind us how busy we have been.

In the afternoon we enjoyed flower arranging around the home.  Beautiful flowers arranged in vases certainly keeps the miserable rain away.

Friday 6 January and one of our new residents was able to go outside and enjoy the garden whilst the rain held off.  Other residents played balloon games which is a great way to stretch and keep active.

Our afternoon was spent being pampered.  We were able to choose which nail polish we wanted and had our nails done.  It was very relaxing.

Saturday 7 January and in the morning, we felt like being creative so we did some pictures of 50s fashion using different paints, crayons and felt pens.  It’s a nice activity to do with others as we enjoy a cup of tea and chat as we complete our pictures.

In the afternoon we enjoyed an afternoon tea which was 1950s style.  To go with our cups of tea in lovely vintage china, our chef had made traditional Victoria sponge and fairy cakes – they were delicious, all served by our activities team dressed in their rock and roll skirts ready to jive with us.

Sunday 8 January, in the morning, we had a ‘Library Trolley’ visit us for the first time.  It was full of books, audio books, magazines and even bookmarks which had been made by residents.  Quite a few residents enjoy losing themselves in a book and it was an opportunity to flick through the pages and choose a new book to read.   As it was so successful, we shall have it as a regular event on our programme.  If you have any books, magazines or audio books you want to get rid of, then please let our activities team know.

We then had a nice quiet afternoon watching one of the most popular films from the 1950s, Singing in the Rain, which was also very appropriate when you think of the weather we have had this week.

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