It’s been a very busy week at Farnham Mill as we continued celebrating Christmas with our families and friends, enjoyed a wonderful performance from Ray Lowe and played lots of games with each other.  We have welcomed in the New Year, celebrated a birthday and now look forward to seeing what 2023 has in store for us.  We know one thing for sure, life at Farnham Mill will be full of fun and good times.

Monday 26 December and we started Boxing Day with a walk around our garden before enjoying a nice film in the afternoon.

Tuesday 27 December was a chance to relax and do some artwork together, we played games on our interactive table.

In the afternoon some residents made some mince pies in our baking club, they were so delicious with fresh cream.

Wednesday 28 December and balloon games were played around the home.  It’s a great way to stay fit and exercise but have fun as well.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a performance from Ray Lowe.  He sings our favourite songs by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and many others.

Thursday 29 December and as the sun was shining, we enjoyed walks in our garden, it was lovely to enjoy some fresh air, watch the ducks on the pond and catch up with staff and friends for a chat.

In the afternoon, with a lovely delivery of fragrant flowers, we spent time arranging them into vases to go around the home and in our rooms.  It’s a very social activity and always a favourite with our residents.

Friday 30 December and the day started with word searches, and an impromptu dance to our favourite music.

Our afternoon was spent having relaxing hand massages – what a way to end a busy day, nice and soothing and a chance to chat with our fantastic activities team.

Saturday 31 December and we were busy playing skittles.  This is a gentle way to exercise and good for hand eye co-ordination.

We then enjoyed an afternoon trolley for New Year’s Eve – lots of bubbly Prosecco and delicious mince pies.  What a treat for an afternoon.

Sunday 1 January and everyone was wishing each other a Very Happy New Year and it was also a very special gentleman’s birthday.   Lots of cake was enjoyed in the afternoon.


All of Farnham Mill staff would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy 2023 and to keep up to date with all our activities, please follow our Facebook page – Woodlands & Hill Brow Ltd.