Reminiscing and tasting cakes was one way we celebrated National Baking Week at Farnham Mill.  From Biscuit Bingo, colouring in cupcake pictures and enjoying a delicious birthday cake and afternoon tea.  Of course, we had our usual visitors who included Gareth singing for us and Lord Wandsworth College students who chatted and got to know our residents better.  It was National Apple Day on Friday, so we had an apple tasting trolley visiting all floors to celebrate.

Monday 17 October and in the morning, we started playing balloon bounce around the home.  It’s a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time.  Other residents preferred a stroll around the garden in the sunshine.

As it was National Baking Week, in the afternoon we played Biscuit Bingo.  A fun game of bingo with pictures of biscuits and when we completed a line, we had a delicious biscuit from a superior tin.  It was a lot of fun and we chatted about our favourite biscuits.

Other residents preferred to enjoy the sunshine and sit outside with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.  A perfect way to relax.

Tuesday 18 October and it was a busy morning in our hair salon.  Teresa always styles our hair just the way we love it.  A chance to meet other residents and have a chat under the dryers whilst looking down at the pond.

Other residents sat together to colour or just catch up with the news – who’s going to be Prime Minister today!

In the afternoon one of our favourite singers came to perform for us – Gareth.  His gentle Welsh voice singing some of the best tunes from the 50s, 60s and 70s and a chance for us to sing along with him.

Wednesday 19 October and it was all waves and smiles in the morning as we warmed up with a few exercises before starting the day.  Other residents enjoyed chats with family, staff and volunteers around the home.

In the afternoon we had a lovely birthday afternoon tea for one of our residents.  He spent time with his family and enjoyed a big slice of cake – perfect.


The lovely students from Lord Wandsworth College also spent some time in the afternoon with us chatting and sharing our stories.

Thursday 20 October and in the morning, we got our paint brushes out and created some lovely works of art – well, we thought so!

In the afternoon our flower arrangers were busy with a lovely selection of flowers to display around the home.  Its lovely coming together to chat and arrange the flowers into vases.  And a cup of tea is always enjoyed afterwards.

Friday 21 October and it was a chance for a lovely new resident to be introduced to everyone, it is a very friendly home and always lots of chatter and new friends being made.

In the afternoon, as it was National Apple Day, we had an apple tasting trolley visit all floors of the home with delicious apples and apple juice.  Residents were also impressed with the apple swans that Prabesh had carved.

Saturday 22 October and our morning started with word games in the lounge.  We like brain games and working together to solve word puzzles.  Other residents sang along and danced to music or enjoyed sitting in the sun on the balcony.

Our chef had been busy baking cakes and so a trolley with ‘afternoon tea’ on it toured the home to make sure all residents were included.

Sunday 23 October and we like our Sundays to be traditional – Sunday Church Service, time to relax with one another and a nice Sunday Roast Dinner.  We also enjoyed relaxing hand massages, what could be a better way to end the week?