Another very busy week at Farnham Mill saw residents sharing their home with residents from Woodlands Nursing Home for a delicious afternoon tea, sing song and walk around our gardens.  We looked at German culture, food and traditions and enjoyed trying different sausages with sauces.  Residents came together to enjoy a traditional Harvest Festival Service as well as students from Lord Wandsworth College joining us one afternoon.

Monday 3 October and we started the morning with our regular walks outside.  This is a nice opportunity to top up the feed on the bird tables, watch the duck’s flap about on the pond and have one to one time with our wonderful staff.  Later we gathered to learn about Germany and its traditions.

In the afternoon residents helped paint and create a German flag photo frame to display pictures of our German themed events during the week.

Tuesday 4 October we had our monthly residents meeting.  A chance for all residents to gather and discuss things relevant to Farnham Mill with Alison.  We discussed activities, food and housekeeping and we also had a chance to praise staff that have gone above and beyond in their roles.  It’s a good opportunity to catch up with each other.

In the afternoon we sang our favourite songs.  It was a chance to have fun and dance around.

Wednesday 5 October, with the help of St Johns Church in Hale, we held our very own Harvest Festival at Farnham Mill.  We came together in prayer and sang the well-known hymns – We Plough the Fields and Scatter and All Things Bright and Beautiful.  We had a lovely ‘altar’ with fruit and vegetables and a bunch of sunflowers. Father John brought back many memories for us of Harvest Festivals in the past.

In the afternoon Louis played the piano for us and we were able to sing along with him.  Students from Lord Wandsworth College joined us.

Thursday 6 October and in the morning, we played a word game, trying to find as many words as we could from Albert Einstein.  Other residents preferred to paint or have garden walks so there was lots of choice.

The afternoon saw our residents get creative with our flower arranging club.  Lovely scent filled the room as the flowers were arranged into vases, or if feeling very creative, florist’s oasis’ were used to make some stunning arrangements.  We are so lucky to have them displayed around the home.  A cup of tea and cake is always well deserved afterwards.

Friday 7 October and with the weather so wonderful on Friday morning, we spent time outside.  A chance to spot the ducks as well as a passing frog.  No one was brave enough to kiss it though to find their Prince Charming.

In the afternoon we welcomed residents from Woodlands Residential Home to join us for Afternoon Tea.  Its lovely welcoming them back and being able to renew friendships.  We always enjoy sharing a song together.

Saturday 8 October and it was time for our morning word game.  A chance to work together and find lots of words.  Others enjoyed relaxing hand massages.  A nice way to enjoy one to one time.

In the afternoon we played with our interactive table.  There are lots of different puzzles and games on there and we can sit together to solve them.

We all enjoyed some German sausages and pretzels.  It was great trying little bite size pieces.

Sunday 9 October and we had a lovely visit from Tinkerbell, Alison’s puppy.  She is a firm favourite at Farnham Mill and as she wanders around the home, it gives us all a chance to have a cuddle.  We enjoyed another Afternoon Tea.  What a great way to end the week.