Farnham Mill had a busy week reminiscing about our summer holidays and talking about where we would like to visit now.  We saw lots of wildlife in our gardens and finished the week with a summer barbecue and entertainment to enjoy with our friends and family.  A lovely way to spend a week in August.

Monday 22 August and our residents were outside birdwatching.  How lovely to have this beautiful heron visit us at Farnham Mill.  We were able to see it catch fish at the edge of the pond.

In the afternoon some residents got together to play dominoes.  This reminded us of our holidays – afternoons spent in caravans playing games whilst the rain poured outside!

Tuesday 23 August and some residents had a lovely visit to the garden centre in Badshot Lea.  They had a good look at the gifts, saw the fish and small animals in the pet department and then enjoyed a nice cup of tea.

In the afternoon we all sat outside to enjoy Natasha, who came to perform for us.  Lots of singing along and dancing.  Just how we love it at Farnham Mill.

Wednesday 24 August and whilst some residents enjoyed relaxing hand massages, others reminisced about summer holidays and did a holiday theme word game with students from Lord Wandsworth College.

In the afternoon, as is the tradition with all seaside holidays, we enjoyed an ice cream from the trolley that visited all the floors.

Thursday 25 August and we were visited by the lovely students again from Lord Wandsworth College who did a word game on the ground floor.

In the afternoon our flower arrangers were busy sorting the flowers to go around the home.  We love seeing what different flowers we get each week; they’re colours and smells are delicious.

Friday 26 August and we started the day with painting, it’s a lovely way to relax and chat to friends as we paint.

In the afternoon a young deer was spotted behind the pond – we had to be very quiet so we didn’t disturb it.

Saturday 27 August and our morning started with exercises and balloon games.  Lots of stretching to get the blood flowing around our body.

In the afternoon we welcomed our families and friends for a lovely barbecue lunch.   We were also pleased to have Natasha back performing for us.  It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Sunday was more relaxed after our barbecue on Saturday, a few walks in the garden to check on our wildlife and then knitting club in the afternoon after a delicious roast dinner.  Some of our experienced knitters have started to teach some of our staff.  It’s a lovely way to share our skills.