Another busy week was spent at Farnham Mill as we had a lovely visit from the Pygmy Goats, one of our favourite entertainers sang for us in the garden as well as family and friends popping in to see us with opportunities to catch up over a cup of tea or a nice slice of cake in the afternoons. We also enjoyed a very refreshing fresh fruit trolley.

Monday 15 August and in the morning, we used our interactive table. This has some great features on it from balloon games to quizzes. It’s great seeing what we can do with the latest technology.

In the afternoon we celebrated a lovely lady’s birthday. We always take the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family and enjoy a special cake prepared by our chef, along with a cup of tea.

Tuesday 16 August and the pygmy goats came to visit us in the morning. We love them visiting and we’re able to feed them peppermints as well as some carrots.

In the afternoon we had a delicious ‘fruity trolley’ visit all floors of the home. It was delicious to eat our favourite fruits and also try some new ones. Very refreshing in this hot weather.

Wednesday 17 August and the morning was spent doing transport themed word games. It’s a great way to keep our minds active, as well as working together to solve the clues.

In the afternoon residents from Woodlands Residential home joined us for afternoon tea.  They have now visited several times and we are making some good friendships.

Thursday 18 August and we had a go at making racing cars using toilet roll tubes. We used paints and even glitter to decorate them. It was fun seeing which one would go the fastest.

Tinkerbell visited us Thursday afternoon and we were all able to have a cuddle with her.

Friday 19 August and in the morning, we decided to do some painting – transport was the theme of course.

We had a musical afternoon as Gareth came to perform for us. We were able to sit outside and sing along with him and dance if we wanted to.

Saturday 20 August and we started the morning with Transport themed hangman. We had to try and guess what the vehicle was by clues and guessing the letters. Some of the vehicles were easy, such as tank, ambulance, scooter, although some were much harder like broomstick and elevator. We certainly thought we deserved our lunch after that.

In the afternoon, after a little game of mini snooker, some of our ladies decided they wanted to watch a film so after going through our selection, they chose a favourite –Mamma Mia. It was certainly a happy, colourful film to end the day with.

Sunday 21 August and it was a nice relaxing start to the day with a few residents watching the local church service on YouTube, whilst others went for a morning walk and had visits from family. The afternoon was very busy as we had a delicious afternoon tea with fresh cream scones and carrot cake to celebrate a lovely gentleman’s birthday.