Monday 1st we started off by doing word games using the sentence ‘’Women’s football’’ as the England woman’s team were going to the finals and our ladies were all excited.

Our residents love the garden, so we took them out for a stroll/walk which they enjoyed seeing various birds in the pond and the recent hatchlings.

One of our gentlemen who is a wonderful gardener and has such pride for the flowers and vegetables that he grows was thrilled to see his vegetable growing.

In the afternoon, our residents joined our art club and painted some fairy tales themed pictures.

Tuesday the 2nd, we started off our morning by doing some balloon bounce, which was a lot of fun and helped everyone feel refreshed, awake

It might be a sit in the sunshine or a walk, in the garden to check on the juicy blackberries and plums that we are so proud of.

Tuesday is also the day where our lovely ladies get to get their hair done and a bit of gossip while enjoying cup of tea.

In the afternoon, our residents enjoyed bird watching out in the pontoon and their silly movements put a smile in our resident’s face.

We had our chair-based exercise session, which is a great way to get us moving and stretching.

We couldn’t have Ales without a game of pool. Everyone had a go, which was fun.

We had an excellent game of word search in the afternoon with our lovely Sarah.

Everyone loves to be pampered and Prabesh has a very gentle kind nature.

We had an entertainer in on Wednesday afternoon, which is always the high light of the week. We can’t resist a sing along and to have a little gig.

We enjoyed our poetry club, which brought back memories of poems we taught our children or learnt at school.

Arts and crafts is an excellent way to relax and helps with coordination and dexterity.

Balloon bounce can get a little competitive as everyone tries to have a go.

On Thursdays we have several buckets of fresh flowers delivered to the homes. We love the smell and beautiful bright colours as we arrange them in vases to be displayed around the home. It is a great chance to sit and chat as we do this.

Alison brought in her poodle puppy Tinkerbell for a bit of pet therapy. She is so cute and loves a cuddle and a treat.

Tyler worked with us on our Word Search in the afternoon. We did very well.

Our omi interactive machine offers so many options for games and activities. There is something for everyone. It can get a little additive once you get started though.

Some of your gents had a go with our fidget boards which bring back memories or tinkering in the garage or shed.

Our portable bar went around the home with music, drinks and pub style snacks. Which brought a smile to faces all around the home.

We did a bit of recycling by turning bottles in vases.

The gardens are just beautiful at Farnham Mill and with this lovely warm weather we spend plenty of time outdoors.