With the country in a heatwave and temperatures breaking records, we did our best at Farnham Mill to stay cool.  Early morning walks for residents and lots of ice cream and cool drinks were enjoyed by everyone.

Monday 18 July and we enjoyed some time in the gardens before it got too hot, although there is always lots of shade to find.

In the afternoon we had a go at making a target for our golfing game to play on the balcony.  We decided to go ‘over the top’ with lots of decorations on it.  Very pretty.

Tuesday 19 July and at Summer Fairs there is always a dog show, this little dog visiting us certainly won best in show.

In the afternoon one of our wonderful volunteers did a word game on the ground floor.  Lots of residents had fun joining in and it keeps our brains active.

Wednesday 20 July, we had chance to celebrate this lovely lady’s birthday with her husband.  Lots of cake to share with her friends and plenty of cards to open.

Thursday 21 July and residents enjoyed painting.  This is a very relaxing activity and a chance to sit with others, chat and reminisce at the same time.  Our theme was Summer Fairs and this brought back lots of memories.

In the afternoon we had our delivery of flowers and gathered together to arrange them.

Friday 22 July and lots more fun with our favourite little dog, Tinkerbell.

Saturday 23 July and with the weather cooling down we all enjoyed time outside in the garden.  So great to chat and see how the flowers are coping in this heat.

In the afternoon residents helped make a hoopla game to play.  We used paper plates, tissue paper and paint and made sure they were very colourful.

Sunday 24 July and whilst some residents watched the Sunday Service on the TV, others spent time in the garden.

In the afternoon we had a special trolley – ‘Sunday Sundaes’ we called it as it visited all residents to dish out lovely ice cream sundaes to enjoy.  There was chocolate, strawberry and vanilla with lots of whipped cream.  Delicious!