Monday 11th July, we began our French week by starting off with a word game to see how many words we could make using only the letters in ‘’Eiffel Tower’’. Followed by a game of French hangman.

In the afternoon, the ladies coloured in some wonderful sites such as The Arc De Triomphe and the Palace of Versailles.

Tuesday 12th, we had the Pygmy Goats come in and visit our residents in the morning. Our residents were very happy to see them and ready to pet then and give them treats.

We celebrated French week at Farnham Mill by enjoying a delicious trolley with tasty Pate’s, bread, cheese and wine from France.

We really felt like we could be enjoying the day along the banks of the Siene or a beautiful village in Normandy.

à votre santé

Wednesday 13th, we started the day with a warm Croissant with butter and jam for breakfast. Bon Appetit!

Our amazing Arts and Crafts Club did their own take on Monet’s Garden. They used coloured paper cakes cases to create our very own water lily garden and flower garden. The pictures were bright and colourful and gave our home an extra splash of colour.

Our courtyard garden is always a place of warmth and tranquillity at Farnham Mill.

The precious time with our thoughts and memories and seeing and hearing the sound of water makes everyone feel calm, relaxed and happy.

At Farnham Mill, our residents are passionate about birds and the animals that are such a big part of our ever growing and ever beautiful family.

Thursday 14th Belles petites fleurs at Farnham Mill.

In the morning, our gentlemen had a wonderfull time checking on our plants and herbs in the garden and did some plant potting.

After lunch, our ladies did some snipping and pruning to create some wonderful displays for our bedrooms and lounges. MAGNIFIQUE!

Our lovely friend Jayney joined us in the garden for a party afternoon.

In true Farnham Mill style, we danced, sang along, smiled and had the best fun ever.

Loving our Friday afternoon at the Mill.

We love it when Jayney sings for us and she always plays our favourite- the Locomotion.

Saturday 16th, we pampered our residents by giving them a manicure to make their nails smart and pretty.

Sunday 17th, our residents made most of the morning by painting and colouring on the balcony and in lounge.

We made the most of the sunshine enjoying the garden walks and having a chilled ice- cream out in the garden

We hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather.