What a week we have enjoyed at Farnham Mill with glorious sunshine alongside disco music from the 1970s, we were also able to celebrate World Chocolate Day and watch two great Wimbledon finals whilst enjoying strawberries and cream.

Monday 4 July and we started the week by enjoying our wonderful garden at Farnham Mill.  A chance to smell the flowers and look out for our ducks on the pond.

We then enjoyed doing some Pom Pom exercises along to 1970s disco music.  It was great fun and we even had two of our wonderful staff members joining in.  Exercise is always easier to do if you have a laugh at the same time and this certainly made us laugh and sing along to the ‘70s music.

The afternoon was a little less vigorous as we did some colouring of 70s fashion or sat outside enjoying the sunshine.

Tuesday 5 July and we topped up the seed on the bird table first thing in the morning.  We like to make sure that our birds are being looked after.  We then enjoyed a word game.  We had to see how many words we could make using the letters in ‘Discotheque’.

After lunch we then made a Disco theme photo frame.  We enjoyed sticking photos on and this gave us an opportunity to reminisce about the 1970s.

Wednesday 6 July and fun was had doing collages and painting ‘70s images.  It was a very colourful decade so we used some bright paints and fabrics.

We also reminisced about how we lived in the 1970s and this brought back many memories of postal and miners strikes, power cuts and how the 3-day week was introduced.  We decided to use ‘Three Day Week’ as our word game that morning.

The afternoon was spent making glitter ball table decorations for our disco theme party on Saturday afternoon.  We used lots of silvery paper, glitter and colourful feathers to create some great imaginative table decorations.

Thursday 7 July and it was a chance to meet one of our new residents.  Our Activities Co-ordinators always like to go and meet new residents to introduce themselves and welcome them to the home.

In the afternoon residents around the home did flower arranging.  It’s an activity that we all love and we are able to share and spread the flowers on the different floors of Farnham Mill.  As it was also World Chocolate Day, we had a delicious trolley with chocolate cakes and sweets which we thoroughly enjoyed.  I think we all have a sweet tooth at Farnham Mill.

Friday 8 July and after eating all that chocolate the day before, we thought it best to do some exercises.  Lots of stretching our limbs.

In the afternoon, as the weather has been so hot, we had the paddling pool outside.  It was lovely and cool  so we splashed our toes in the water and enjoyed ice creams.

Saturday 9 July and we were busy painting, a nice relaxing way to start the day.

In the afternoon we had our 1970s Disco theme afternoon tea with cheese and pineapple on sticks and Black Forest gateau – this certainly brought back some memories.

Sunday 10 July and we had a lovely visit from this beautiful dog.  She melted all our hearts.

Meanwhile, our chef, Simon, was busy outside preparing a wonderful BBQ lunch.  With burgers, sausages and chicken kebabs there was something for everyone.  The sun was shining so as we waited it was an opportunity to dip our toes in the water of the paddling pool.

After lunch most residents wanted to watch the Wimbledon Men’s Final so we had a trolley visiting all floors with fresh strawberries and cream.  What a great way to end a week.