You know summer is really here when Wimbledon starts, although there is always the threat of showers to delay the games but this didn’t stop us enjoying the week by reminiscing, playing balloon tennis and sipping a nice glass of Pimm’s whilst watching and cheering on our favourite players.

Monday 27 June and we started the morning with some gentle exercise playing balloon games.  As well as helping us to stay fit it also improves our hand eye co-ordination.  We also did some jigsaw puzzles in the lounge.

In the afternoon we had fun making paper plate tennis balls which we used as decorations.  We were very pleased with how realistic they looked – ‘new balls please’.

Tuesday 28 June and we enjoyed a morning walk outside and a chance to check on our ducklings.  We are so pleased to be able to see them on our pond and they seem to grow every day.

In the afternoon our residents got to work on making Wimbledon bunting to put up.  There were lots of cutting out to do.  It’s quite a good way to exercise our fingers and also chat about our memories of playing tennis at school.

Wednesday 29 June and in the morning, we checked on our vegetables and herbs growing in the garden.  The gardening club had been very busy in spring and its great seeing them flourish.

In the afternoon we did some Wimbledon art and wordsearches whilst other residents watched the tennis on TV.

Thursday 30 June and we played some tennis ourselves – with a balloon of course as its much gentler.

In the afternoon, whilst the residents were flower arranging, they also enjoyed a Wimbledon themed trolley with strawberry milkshakes and Pimm’s – very nice indeed.

Friday 1 July and in the morning, we enjoyed relaxing hand massages and manicures.  Its nice to have a little pampering.

Our afternoon was busy icing, and then eating, Wimbledon themed biscuits.  We mixed the icing to match the colour of the tennis balls and spread it on.  Very sweet tasting but perfect with a cup of tea whilst watching the tennis.

Saturday 2 June and some residents enjoyed a morning walk in the sunshine and checking on our ducks whilst others learnt facts about the Wimbledon tournament.  We discovered that over 235,000 glasses of Pimm’s are served there during the two weeks, as well as 28,000 bottles of Champagne.  That seemed a lot compared to the 142,000 portions of strawberries served.  During the morning we had a lovely little girl visiting her grandad – we all agreed how sweet she was although a little shy of us.

In the afternoon we had a lovely family gathering to celebrate one of our ladies birthdays.  So nice to be able to share this special day with family.


In the afternoon one of our ladies also did some watering in the garden.  She was very busy making sure our flowers and vegetables had plenty of water.

Sunday 3 June was a relaxing day.  It was a day for our art club to gather together for relaxing colouring, others have garden walks and reminisce.