Music is such an important part of our lives from singing Happy Birthday each year, hymns sung at school and church, to our favourite pop songs. They build memories along our journey through life and so this week has given us a chance to reminisce and share our memories. With the weather being sunny we also spent a lot of time outside watching all the wildlife in the pond. There is so much to see this time of year and with the 5 little ducklings we ended up singing the song ‘5 Little Ducks went swimming one day’.

Monday 20 June and we were all surprised by a new visitor to our pond. After Googling it we learnt it was a Double Crested Cormorant and must have seen how inviting our pond was so popped by for the day. We all went out to watch it diving in and out of the water.

Later, we played Musical Bingo. This was an opportunity to sing along to the songs we recognised, learn some new ones, and enjoy some chocolates as prizes.

In the afternoon we helped a lovely couple celebrate their 69th Wedding Anniversary – a chance to sing ‘Congratulations’ to them.

Tuesday 21 June and the day started with relaxing hand massages and manicures. So nice to enjoy a little bit of pampering.

In the afternoon we went to see our roses in the courtyard garden. Such beautiful blooms with lovely fragrances.

Wednesday 22 June and in the morning one of our residents enjoyed playing the piano for everyone. It gave us a chance to singalong with her.

We also had the lovely Norma visit us. I think she was looking for scraps from lunch!

In the afternoon we enjoyed spending time doing jigsaw puzzles. It’s a nice way to relax.

Thursday 23 June and our chefs at Farnham Mill always make sure they speak to residents regularly to check they are happy with the food and to accommodate their likes and dislikes. Its good to know they care about what we eat.

Some of our gentlemen also replied to their ‘penpals’ at More House School. It’s a nice way to share our experiences.

In the afternoon our flower arrangers were busy arranging flowers and putting them in vases to go around the home. One of our talented residents put together a beautiful basket display which is proudly displayed in our lounge.

Friday 24 June and as it was music week, we started the morning by dancing as part of our exercise regime. It put a smile on all our faces.

In the afternoon a time to relax by the pond or reminisce looking at pictures.

Saturday 25 June and we enjoyed playing balloon games in the morning. An opportunity to exercise and get the blood flowing around our body.

In the afternoon one of our ladies serenaded us on the pontoon – she has a lovely voice and we all enjoyed it whilst enjoying our surroundings.

Sunday 26 June and in the morning some of our ladies refreshed the flowers that had been arranged during the week. It also gave us a chance to chat and sing a few songs together about flowers such as – Yellow Rose of Texas, Lavenders Blue and one of our favourites, Daisy Daisy.

After lunch Alison brought one of her dogs in to see us, Tinkerbell. She is so sweet and soft and cuddly and we all get to hold and stroke her and is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.