It has been such a busy week for residents at Farnham Mill, we all enjoyed celebrating Royal Ascot with lots of horse racing themed activities such as Horse Hangman, Horseshoe Toss, Pig Racing and even a visit from Alison’s Shetland ponies.  On Sunday we also celebrated Father’s Day with a drink and chat with all our wonderful fathers.

Monday 13 June and after walks in the garden, the morning started with some balloon games, Horse Hangman, residents had to guess the horse themed words such as ‘stallion’, ‘filly’, ‘stable’ and ‘neigh’.

In the afternoon we had a visit from one of Alison’s lovely dogs – Tiny.  She is so adorable and we love having her around the home.

Tuesday 14 June and, again, after garden walks, residents gathered together for our monthly residents meeting.  This is a chance to sit together and hear about future plans and events from the activities team, talk about the menu and meet new staff. 

In the afternoon Annie’s Baking Club used Royal Ascot as their theme and made delicious scones following a special recipe.  Everyone agreed they were delicious, especial with jam and cream.

Wednesday 15 June and we enjoyed our own racing at Farnham Mill – Pig Racing.  These gorgeous pink pigs raced for us and we cheered on our favourites – whether it be Elvis Pigsley, Pigmaleon or even Piggy Sue.  It gave us a lovely morning’s entertainment.

In the afternoon we all sat outside in the sunshine with ice lollies to see Alison’s Shetland ponies.  We enjoyed stroking and petting them.  They are so friendly and its really nice to see them.  Students from Lord Wandsworth College also visited and so we were able to continue sitting outside and chat to the girls.  Some residents helped make corsages for our Ascot tea party.

Thursday 16 June and our art club were busy painting.  The theme was Horses.   Other residents enjoyed a game of Horseshoe toss.

In the afternoon one of our favourite singers performed for us – Gareth.  He has us all dancing and singing along in the bright sunshine.  Such a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Friday 17 June and our art club were busy again having a relaxing morning painting.  The theme was Hats for Ascot.

In the afternoon we had a Royal Ascot themed afternoon tea.  The ladies wore beautiful hats, floral corsages were handed out, delicious chocolate brownies and strawberries were served, and we even had a winning horse and jockey to congratulate!  It certainly was a special afternoon.

Saturday 18 June and our Science Club were looking at petals under the telescope.  It was very interesting to see the patterns in the petals.

In the afternoon some residents relaxed watching a film.  It had been a very busy few days so it was nice to just watch a film.

Sunday 19 June and we played some balloon games and enjoyed seeing our families.

In the afternoon a group of ‘Fathers’ sat together and enjoyed some drinks and a chance to socialise.  Our drinks trolley also visited the gentlemen around the home so they could all enjoy a drink and natter.