With Jubilee plans being made we thought we would look at British Castles this week and had a go at making our own castles – very successfully. We also enjoyed making crowns and tasting our very own Farnham Mill Castle Cocktails. With some changing weather we enjoyed walks in the garden between showers and had a delicious BBQ on Friday to celebrate our very hardworking staff at Farnham Mill.

Monday 9 May and the morning started with our gentlemen practicing their golf swings. This is a fun way of using arm muscles and hand eye co-ordination.

In the afternoon some of our residents painted shields or did jigsaw puzzles, it was lovely and relaxing. Later the residents on our first floor decided to make some bunting in preparation for the jubilee.

Tuesday 10 May and one of our residents shared his photos with us. This is a great way to reminisce and share our stories. Other ladies enjoyed the sunshine and spent some time outside in the garden.

In the afternoon residents on the ground floor were putting together a collage of pictures of the Queen. We shared many memories and stories of the Queen as we grew up together.

On Tuesday we also celebrated a lovely lady’s birthday. A delicious cake was presented and we all shared a slice with her.

Wednesday 11 May and there was another birthday to celebrate. The birthday lady received lovely flowers in the morning from her family, and had lots of cards to open and, of course, cake to enjoy later.

Residents on the first floor completed their Jubilee collage. They were very pleased with their hard work and it looked wonderful.

In the afternoon, we decided to build our own castle. Not with stone but we went with the easier option of cardboard and toilet roll tubes. Magnificent though we all agreed.

Thursday 12 May and we started our morning with exercises. Lots of stretching our arms and legs. When we do it in a group, we all encourage each other and it’s much more fun. Other residents enjoyed being out in the garden or on the balcony and getting their exercise that way.

In the afternoon it was our weekly flower arranging with afternoon tea. So many residents enjoy this activity that we do it on our first and second floors. Its something that gives us a lot of pleasure. As well as the lovely colours and smells, we get a chance to have a good catch up with friends.

Friday 13 May and in the morning one of our lovely lady’s played the piano. So nice to be able to continue with skills we have learnt. Whilst other residents enjoyed playing an amended form of darts – throwing arrows at Shields and scoring points. It all ended with lots of laughter.

The afternoon was spent enjoying a lovely BBQ in the sunshine to celebrate our wonderful staff at Farnham Mill. Alison and Gabriel were there to congratulate everyone and hand out gifts and prizes. A very lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Saturday 14 May and in the morning, we gathered to play our Giant Crossword and we also had Royal Skittles being played on the balcony. A Very busy morning at Farnham Mill.

In the afternoon our Farnham Mill Castle Cocktail Trolley visited residents on all floors around the home. We loved trying the drinks. There was Balmoral Blush, Dark Dungeon, Fortress Fizz, and Portcullis Punch and to end a busy Saturday we had another birthday to celebrate.

Sunday 15 May and in the morning some residents enjoyed watching a morning Sunday Service from the local church, then a general knowledge quiz with our morning cup of tea.

In the afternoon, after a delicious roast lamb with rosemary from the garden, some of our gentlemen played dominoes whilst the ladies enjoyed knitting together. A lovely end to a busy week.