Another busy week at Farnham Mill with preparations under way for celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee.  This week we also reminisced about VE Day and how we heard about the end of the war in Europe.  With the weather so sunny we also spent a lot of time outside in the garden enjoying and watching the birds.

Monday 2 May and after starting the day with some balloon games, we tried to see how many words we could make out of Maypole Dancing.  We were very pleased with ourselves as we found 160 words.  We enjoy these word games as we work together, help with spellings and its also a chance to reminisce.

In the afternoon we painted some Maypole Dancing and May Day pictures, or had walks in the garden.

Tuesday 3 May and residents started work on a Jubilee memory collage.  They worked together gluing the cardboard, collating pictures and then sticking them on.  Residents on each floor are going to work together to have their own one displayed and is a project that will take several weeks to complete.

In the afternoon residents on the second floor looked at their scrapbooks.  It’s a chance to reminisce and look at all the many things they have been involved in.

Wednesday 4 May and it was a lovely morning to pop outside and check on our plants that are growing before doing some exercises and balloon games.

We then learnt some interesting facts about VE Day and WWII, one of them that made us laugh was that British soldiers were given 3 sheets of toilet paper a day, whilst American soldiers were allowed 22 !

In the afternoon residents enjoyed wooden puzzles and dominoes.  Lots of activities that challenged us but were also fun.

Thursday 5 May and around the home our activities team were having little one to ones with our residents.  This is a nice way to get to know them and check that they are aware of activities going on around the home, or if there is anything they want put on our weekly schedule.

Then our residents on the ground floor continued with their jubilee collage.  Its nearly complete now with lots of lovely photos of our Queen.

In the afternoon residents enjoyed spending time outside.  We love the sunshine at Farnham Mill and watching the ducks from the pontoon always makes us smile, then it was back inside for a lovely afternoon tea.

Friday 6 May and most of the day was taken up with walks around the garden and enjoying the lovely sunny weather.

Saturday 7 May and residents started with balloon games.  This gets the blood flowing through our bodies and keeps us active without being too strenuous.

Residents on the first floor started making their Jubilee collage.  First, they prepared the cardboard and later looked at pictures of the Queen throughout her 70 years reign.

A lovely dog was visiting in the afternoon and, of course, all residents wanted to stroke and pet it.

One of our lovely ladies celebrated her 90th birthday so we all had the chance to wish her a happy birthday and celebrate with her family.

Sunday 8 May and we were busy in the courtyard garden planting out our seedlings.  They have grown so well from seeds we had planted and we enjoyed working together on this project.

In the afternoon it was time to relax after our delicious roast dinner and sit on the pontoon, luckily, we have a few sunhats to wear as it was very hot.