To celebrate the Grand National this week we decided to have a Horse Racing themed week. Lots of activities had a horse theme and this brought back memories of childhood pony rides, famous horses such as Roy Rogers with his horse Trigger and watching Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet. Of course, we still enjoyed our usual weekly activities as well as having one of our favourite singers, Jayney, perform for us. 

Monday 4 April and we like to start the week with exercise, this involved balloon games which makes us stretch as we reach to hit it back to one another.

In the afternoon our art club made horse decorations with paper plates to put around the lounge. We all agreed they were fun and easy to make. 

Tuesday 5 April and we started the day with a little bit of golf putting. The balcony is a great place to have our own little putting green. 

In the afternoon we were busy painting again. We find it very relaxing and gives us an opportunity to chat to one another as we paint. 

It was also one of our residents’ birthdays. He celebrated with a delicious chocolate cake. 

Wednesday 6 April and early walks were being taken before any showers arrived. It was also our monthly residents meeting. This is an opportunity for us to all get together with management to discuss how things are in the home. Some of the things we discuss are food, activities, and are introduced to any new staff. This week we met our new Head Chef and he talked to us about what his previous experience was and how he wants to be able to get to know all our residents. 

Wednesday afternoon and we had entertainment provided by Jayney. She is one of our favourite singers and we love listening to her and getting the opportunity to dance. 

Thursday 7 April and we started with a word game – how many words could we make from the word ‘Grand National’. This is a great mental activity that we like to do. 

Hand massages were then carried out around the home by one of our Activities Co-ordinators. This is such a lovely sensory experience and a chance to unwind and relax. 

In the afternoon our flower arrangers got busy. Sorting the flowers and arranging them into vases to display around the home. 

At the end we also celebrated a lovely lady’s birthday with a delicious birthday cake. 

Friday 8 April and we enjoyed a game of Hangman with all words associated with horses. Trying to find words such as Chestnut, Equestrian, Dressage, plus many more. 

In the afternoon we enjoyed our own Grand National with our Pig Racing. They all had names associated with famous horses such as Red Rum, Champion the Wonder Horse and Black Beauty. 

Saturday 9 April and we enjoyed garden walks. The sun was shining but it was still a little chilly. 

On Sunday we also enjoyed morning walks and then our knitting club were busy in the afternoon. A chance for a nice cup of tea and cake and a chat to catch up with each other.