A very busy week was had at Farnham Mill to celebrate St Patricks Day. From naughty Leprechauns appearing, Gold Coins being tossed, Irish Drinks Trolley and a traditional St Patricks Day lunch it was certainly a lot of fun. And with the weather being so sunny we were able to spend lots of time outside as well.

Monday 14 March and we started the week with exercises. This involved lots of stretching, reaching for balloons, catching balls as well as lots of laughter.

In the afternoon some residents worked on creating a ‘photo frame’ for our St Patricks Day celebrations whilst other residents checked on the garden and how their seeds are sprouting.

Tuesday 15 March and we started the day off with early morning walks. Its lovely to be able to go outside and top up the bird tables and see what our ducks are getting up to.

In the afternoon we took the opportunity to catch up with friends outside, the weather is getting warmer and its nice to have a cup of tea on the pontoon. We were also able to surprise one of our lovely gentlemen who was celebrating his birthday.

We also had an ‘Irish Drinks Trolley’ visiting residents around the home – with Emerald Isle Milk and Shamrock Smoothies as well as Baileys on offer.

Wednesday 16 March and we started the morning with our Pot of Gold coin tossing game. Lots of laughter and a little nibble on the chocolate coins.

In the afternoon we all got together to listen to Louis play the piano and we sang along to some lovely Irish songs including – When Irish Eyes are Smiling, Long Way to Tipperary and Danny Boy.

Afterwards we also had a lovely lady’s birthday to celebrate. So nice to share this event with her family.

Thursday 17 March – St Patricks Day. We all got together to have an Irish themed lunch, an opportunity to meet new residents and catch up with old friends – as well as enjoy some tasty food. Murphy our cheeky Leprechaun crept in as well !

Friday 18 March and lots of residents were in the mood to dance and play instruments – a great way to exercise. Music is a good way to reminisce. It brings back memories and puts smiles on our faces.

In the afternoon it was more relaxed as some residents played golf on the balcony or enjoyed time in the garden.

Saturday 19 March and the morning was lovely and sunny so some residents enjoyed being on our balcony, whilst others took part in trying to write an Irish Limerick. This caused much laughter but we
were very pleased with our success. It was another chance for Murphy, our cheeky Leprechaun to show his face.

In the afternoon, after some residents enjoyed sitting in the sunshine after lunch, they then came inside for a delicious afternoon tea. It’s a great opportunity to socialise and meet other residents, and a chance to have garden visits with family members as well.

Sunday 20 March and whilst some residents watched the local church service in the lounge other residents took a stroll in the morning sunshine or relaxed on the balcony. A chance to admire the stunning yellow daffodils. A perfect way to start the day at Farnham Mill.

During the afternoon our knitting club took place in the Activities Room on the first floor. The ladies enjoy getting together to chat and even help each other out with the stitches. Afternoon tea is also served to them, but only after they’ve done a few rows !

On the ground floor the residents were playing their favourite music and took the opportunity to dance with staff. We need to add a glitter ball and then it would be ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.