Such a busy week and with St David’s Day falling on the same day as Shrove Tuesday it was a day spent eating traditional food.  We certainly needed to stretch our legs outside later in the week when the sun was shining.

Monday 28 February and we started the beginning of this week with some relaxing jigsaw puzzles.  It’s a great opportunity to take time to relax.

In the afternoon our craft club were busy making Daffodils out of cupcake cases.  We were so pleased with our efforts as they decorated our home.  A lovely reminder that spring is on its way and it is the national flower of Wales as well.

Tuesday 1 March and we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with some pancake tossing and then in the afternoon made Welsh Rarebit for St David’s Day.  The pancakes were served with traditional lemon and sugar and we all agreed that they were delicious.  It was certainly a ‘foodie day !’

It was also a lovely lady’s birthday and a delicious chocolate cake was presented to her.

Wednesday 2 March and we tried to prove that it’s not just the Welsh that can sing as our residents played a Guess the Song Quiz.  We did quite well even though we didn’t know all the words.

Some of our gentlemen took the opportunity read car magazines and look at model cars.  It was a chance to daydream about what we would love to drive.

In the afternoon it was time to concentrate as we played dominoes.  This brought back childhood memories.

Thursday 3 March and our Craft Club made Welsh Ladies – we were very pleased with our efforts.

Other residents were very active and played table tennis.  It was very energetic but lots of fun and a great way to start the day.

The afternoon was spent flower arranging.  This is a lovely activity as residents on all floors are able to take part.  We had some beautiful and colourful flowers to arrange into vases and every resident was able to have a fresh vase of flowers in their room.

After the flower arranging some residents were able to take a walk outside to look at the colourful spring flowers in containers.

Friday 4 March and in the morning residents worked on putting together a little wooden model.  It was a chance to concentrate and work through the instructions.

In the afternoon Gardening club were planting seeds again for our garden.

Saturday 5 March and residents enjoyed working together on the giant crossword.  Other residents took the opportunity for a morning stroll in the garden before the rain came.

In the afternoon tables were laid for a delicious afternoon tea.  Some residents were so engrossed in playing dominoes that tea was brought to them.

Sunday 6 March and early morning walks were taking place in the garden.  It’s a chance for friends to chat and birdwatch in the garden.  An egret was spotted in the trees.  Other residents decided to watch the local church service and sing along to the hymns.

All residents enjoyed a very tasty roast pork with all the trimmings and then spent the afternoon adding to their scrapbooks and helping display pictures on our ‘This is what we have done’ board.  Great opportunities to reminisce.