We have quite a few residents at Farnham Mill who were engineers, family members were engineers or have been associated with the engineering profession, so at Farnham Mill we took the opportunity to celebrate Engineers this past week. We constructed games, made buildings with dominoes, did a construction game and had an ‘Engineers’ themed tea party where residents reminisced and looked at pieces of equipment in our general use. We also enjoyed a good singalong and dance with one of our favourite entertainers.

Monday 21 February and residents got together in the morning to reminisce about their associations with engineering. We were surprised how many of us were connected through jobs and families with the profession.

In the afternoon we started off stacking Dominoes to see what we could create but after a cup of tea we decided to get competitive and play the traditional game of Dominoes. It brought back many memories of playing together when children and then teaching our own children.

Tuesday 22 February and in the morning, residents enjoyed jigsaw puzzles and Dominoes once again as well as a bit of exercise with balloons.

In the afternoon we had a lovely afternoon tea with an Engineering theme. Displayed on the tables were everyday items that we could all examine and talk about. It made it most interesting.

Wednesday 23 February and we started the morning with our word game. Today we chose the word Apprenticeship as many engineers start their careers doing an apprenticeship when they leave school.

We looked forward to our afternoon as although the weather was a bit dull, we knew our entertainer, Jayney, would warm us up and bring out the sunshine.

Thursday 24 February and some of our residents played Jenga – a great de-construction game. But we also used Jenga and Dominoes pieces to see what else we could build and enjoyed setting up some cogs to turn.

We had a chance to enjoy the garden in the afternoon. Spring is approaching and one of our lovely ladies received some beautiful flowers.

Friday 25 February and we played balloon bounce around the home. We have such a laugh trying to hit the balloon and if we miss, it doesn’t hurt anyone.

In the afternoon it was another chance to go out in the garden and check on the plants. Its great being able to explore the lovely grounds at Farnham Mill and with the pond there is always something to see.

Saturday 26 February and one of our residents started off the morning with some putting practice on the balcony. A lovely sunny place to be.

Other residents designed their own game – it was quite innovative and we were very pleased with our results, although we changed the rules a few times.

In the afternoon two of our residents got busy in our courtyard garden. They have got their own raised planter and have been busy sowing seeds. We can’t wait to see them grow in the sunshine and it was great teamwork by these two gentlemen.

We also did a bit of birdwatching in the afternoon sunshine. The heron visited and our geese decided to check out Rafael the Rhino.

Sunday 27 February and after catching up with news we went out to enjoy the garden again. Could this mean Spring is nearly here?