To celebrate Burns Night, we had a Scottish Theme week. We made delicious shortbread in our baking club, art club coloured in Scottish scenes and we learnt lots of facts about Scotland. However, as usual with our residents, we made the most of being outside and enjoying the little bits of sunshine each day.

Monday 24 January and we started the week with balloon games. Its important we keep active and this is a great way of keeping fit as well as having fun.

We also like to be outside and explore the gardens. Fresh air is so good for us and our wonderful carers make sure we are wrapped up warm and cosy.

In the afternoon one of our residents took on the challenge of teaching one of our carers to knit. It’s very inspiring and nurturing passing on our skills.

Tuesday 25 January our popular science club spent the morning looking through our microscope at fascinating items such as feathers, leaves etc. It took us all back to our schooldays.

Wednesday morning, we had a Scottish general knowledge quiz – it included the highest mountain, longest river and of course, what are the contents of Haggis.

In the afternoon we took the opportunity to be outside in the sunshine and chat to friends, some of our gentlemen chose to play darts. Always plenty of things happening at Farnham Mill to suit everyone.

Thursday 27 January and in the morning some of our residents enjoyed a bit of impromptu dancing – we love having music on and we just had to dance along to it.

We then played mini snooker and enjoyed chats before lunch.

In the afternoon residents took part in our flower arranging club. This is very popular as we have so many flowers to arrange. Its very social as we chat and reminisce and then enjoy a nice cup of tea afterwards.

Friday 28 January and after catching up with the headlines in our papers, as it was National Garden Birdwatch Day we played British Garden Bird hangman. We had to guess the more common birds such as Blackbird and Starling but also Tawny Owl and Guillemot. This brought back many memories of seeing birds on our travels around Britain and further afield.

In the afternoon we went outside to watch our ducks on the pond, some residents even enjoyed Afternoon Tea on the pontoon.

Saturday morning and we started off the day with our Giant Crossword. Resident’s love working out the clues together and trying to finish it before lunch.

In the afternoon some residents enjoyed an afternoon film or were content looking at photograph albums.

Sunday morning and we relaxed with sensory games and water painting and a little bit of balloon bounce. A relaxing way to spend the morning.

Sunday afternoon and we got together for a Special Afternoon Tea. As it was also National Croissant Day, we had croissants filled with Scottish Smoked Salmon. It’s a great way to meet new friends and enjoy tasty treats and the perfect end to a very busy week.