We are now feeling the cold crisp frosty mornings of January but this hasn’t stopped us from enjoying our morning walks and afternoon strolls around the garden.  We’ve also had plenty to do inside as well with word games, afternoon tea, baking, flower arranging and our knitting club on Sunday afternoon.  Always plenty of choice at Farnham Mill.

Monday 3 January saw lots of our residents taking part in balloon games around the home.  It was a good way to start the week and made us feel energised for the week ahead.

In the afternoon we set about taking down the decorations.  It’s always a shame to take them down but we don’t want to leave any up for twelfth night.

On Tuesday 4 January our lovely hairdresser was in the salon, Teresa always knows how we like our hair done and the salon is always full of laughter and chatter.

Our new Head Chef joined our regular baking club to chat and maybe learn a few old-fashioned tips from our Farnham Mill bakers.  The scones were certainly delicious with a large dollop of jam and cream on of course!

It was also an opportunity for residents to enjoy an afternoon walk and feed the ducks.  Staff also took the time to help celebrate a lovely gentleman’s birthday.  We all sang happy birthday and he was presented with a lovely cake.


Wednesday 5 January was our Monthly Residents Meeting.  This is an opportunity for all residents to meet new staff, hear about any changes within the home and put their views and opinions forward.  But before it started staff and residents performed the macarena!   Lots of laughter to start the day.

The afternoon was just as busy with a giant crossword and mini snooker games.


Thursday morning and some residents took the opportunity for a walk outside.  The frost looked lovely and sparkly but we needed an extra blanket to keep us warm.  Balloon games inside to warm us up or relax with jigsaw puzzles.

In the afternoon some residents took part in flower arranging whilst others painted.  We love these sensory experiences and a chance to reminisce together.  Then afterwards a game of Scrabble to exercise our brains.

Friday 7 January and we started the day off with exercises as we knew we were going to eat plenty of cake in the afternoon with tea and quiz.

Saturday 8 January and in the morning our card making club got busy.  We’ve put away the Christmas cards and we’re concentrating on birthday cards.  These cards are in our visiting areas to purchase and the monies go to the company charity – ‘Families Supporting Care’.

In the afternoon we played table tennis.  Such a fun way to exercise and have a bit of competition between staff and residents.

Sunday morning and it was a time to relax and chat around the home.  Some went out for a morning walk in the sunshine whilst others did puzzles, colouring or just chatted.

In the afternoon, after a delicious roast pork, our Knitting Club met in our sensory room.  It was a lovely group of residents who were able to ‘knit and natter’ and enjoy a cup of tea of course.  We chatted about the clothes we had knitted in the past for our babies and then as our children grew up and the various fashions and how they had changed.