This week at Farnham Mill we had bell ringers visit, a Christmas afternoon tea and all staff dressed up in their Christmassy tops and hats whilst residents enjoyed their traditional Christmas Dinner.  They were also treated to a surprise visit from Father Christmas.

Monday 13 December and we began with some balloon games to get our blood circulating.  It always puts us in a good mood and a great way to start a busy week.

In the afternoon some residents enjoyed reminiscing and looking at books whilst others enjoyed a relaxing foot spa.

Tuesday 14 December was a morning for jigsaw puzzles and drawing.  A group of ladies also enjoyed a mini cookery session.  Making tasty flapjacks.

In the afternoon we were lucky to have some local bell ringers visit.  A wonderful sound that is so Christmassy.

Wednesday 15 December and one of our residents enjoyed receiving a lovely parcel of delicious tasty treats.  Just right at Christmas time.

In the afternoon we all gathered to enjoy Louis playing piano for us.  He included lots of Christmas songs that we all joined in with.

The singing and dancing continued on Thursday 16 December as we moved around the home the residents were in happy moods.

In the afternoon we gathered for our Flower Arranging Club, we enjoy the colours and textures and reminisce about our gardens and the flowers we grew.

On Friday 17 December preparations were under way for our Christmas Dinner, tables were laid, seating plans written up and residents and staff put on their Christmassy clothes.  It was a lovely traditional Christmas dinner and residents sat together and chatted and laughed whilst wearing their hats from the crackers.  After the dinner we were pleased to see Father Christmas made a detour from his busy schedule to call into Farnham Mill.  There were presents for everyone on his colourful sleigh.

Saturday 18 December was a much quieter day, after our festivities on Friday.  We added Christmas baubles and tinsel to our sensory box to explore.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a Christmas Afternoon Tea with cakes in the shape of Christmas trees.  It was another chance to come together, chat and make new acquaintances.

Sunday 19 December and we had our traditional church service from the local church for residents to watch if they wanted.  Others preferred a walk outside; it was chilly but we wrapped up warm.  So nice to enjoy the gardens at Farnham Mill even in winter.

In the afternoon some residents watched a film whilst others enjoyed the peace and quiet of a jigsaw puzzle.  There is always something on offer for our residents to do as they look forward to another busy week before Christmas.