Flowers galore at Farnham Mill this week as our regular Flower Arranging Club were put to work arranging lovely bunches of flower display around the home. This was just one of the activities on offer this week. We also did baking, painting, exercise and singing. There is always something for everyone. 

Monday 15 November and in the morning, we warmed up our muscles by playing balloon games. It certainly gets us stretching and reaching for that balloon and is something we can all do together. We also enjoyed jigsaw puzzles and looking at books. 

In the afternoon some residents played scrabble together, or did sensory games and puzzles. There was lots of concentrating. We also decorated our ‘tree’ and added autumn leaves to it. 

Tuesday was another busy day. Our lovely hairstylist was in, Teresa, and she knows exactly how our ladies like their hair done. The salon is always a busy place with lots of chatter. 

Our craft club gathered and made arrangements with dried autumn leaves, glitter and paint. It was very creative. 

In the afternoon one of our lovely care partners, Annie, organised a lovely cookery session. Lots of beating of eggs along with reminiscing of our past cake making experiences. 

On Wednesday 17th November our Farnham Mill Choir met. We spent the morning singing away and sharing our favourite songs. We even practiced some ready for Christmas. 

In the afternoon we collected some leaves from the garden and made some pictures with them. They were quite unusual creations and was certainly a conversation starter. 

Thursday is our flower arranging day – we have so many flowers to arrange into vases and put around the home. Its also a great opportunity to sit together and chat with a cup of tea and cake afterwards. 

We also enjoyed celebrating a lovely lady’s birthday on Thursday. A delicious cake to enjoy in the afternoon. 

Friday 19 November and it was eyes down for Musical Bingo. We love this game as it gives us a chance to sing along, a prize at the end is always good as well! 

Saturday morning started with a brisk walk outside – no sign of any sun today but that didn’t stop us. 

Giant crossword took place in the lounge and then in the afternoon we all put on our best hats for a delicious afternoon tea. 

Sunday 21 November and we started the day with our usual Church Service. This is a quiet time for residents to reflect and enjoy their traditional church service. 

After our traditional roast dinner some residents sat down in the lounge to enjoy a film but others took advantage of the little bit of sunshine and had walks in the garden. It did make a nice end to a very busy week.