This week at Farnham Mill we took time to remember those that were lost in conflicts and served in the services.  We celebrated by making our own poppies to decorate the home. We learnt new facts as well as reminiscing about our experiences in the war years. On Saturday afternoon we enjoyed an Afternoon Tea in our ‘Blitz Tea Room’ with music playing by Vera Lynn and the Glenn Miller Band.

Monday 8 November and as always in the morning we start the week by a doing a few exercises.  Today we played balloon games. We make sure that all residents around the home get a chance to join in.

Our Activities team have a new board in our lounge area, where we are displaying photos and artwork the residents have been involved in that month. This is a chance to reflect on what we have done and also to encourage others to join in.

On Monday afternoon our Arts and Crafts Club got together to make poppy wreaths to decorate our home.  It’s a great chance to come together for a chat and talk about our experiences.  Other residents took the opportunity to colour in lovely poppy memorial pictures.


On Tuesday whilst some residents enjoyed a relaxing hand massage, others took part in a word game.  We can also see how our lovely poppies decorate the home.

In the afternoon, one of our Care Partners, Annie, ran a little cookery club with some residents.  It was great fun reminiscing on what we used to cook and how busy we were as mothers always having a meal on the table for our family.

The afternoon was complete with a lovely afternoon tea, served with wonderful cakes and our best china.

On Wednesday 10 November we had our monthly residents meeting.  An opportunity to meet with Alison and discuss how things are within Farnham Mill.  This includes discussing our menu and plan activities.

Wednesday afternoon and we had one of our lovely singers return to Farnham Mill.  So many of us danced, clapped and sang along with her.  We even did the conga going round the room. It was a brilliant afternoon.


Thursday started off just as energetic, table tennis was a favourite activity in the morning.

In the afternoon we took things a little gentler and gathered for our Flower Arranging Club.  So many colourful flowers to arrange and place in vases around our home.

Friday 12 November started with some relaxing painting, colouring and even some golf on the balcony.  There is always something different on offer at Farnham Mill.

Saturday morning, we learnt all about the purple poppy – how it was introduced to commemorate the animals involved in conflict.  We knew about pigeons and dogs but were surprised to learn about a pig called Tirpitz who was rescued by the British Navy after it was abandoned on a sinking German warship and even a Bear who served with a Polish regiment and ended up in Edinburgh Zoo.

Saturday afternoon our residents were welcomed into our ‘Blitz Tearoom’ for afternoon tea.  Our activities team had also printed out lots of posters from the Second World War and we reminisced about land girls and digging for victory.  We also made sure we had plenty of coupons in our ration book!

Sunday was peaceful, a day to reflect.  A couple of our residents went to be VIP guests in a Remembrance Service at Brookwood Cemetery, whilst residents around the home quietly watched the service from the Cenotaph on television.

A lovely roast pork dinner was then served before the afternoon film and some walks in the garden.  A lovely end to a busy week.