Another busy week at Farnham Mill which saw us celebrate Bonfire week with quizzes, word games, art and craft along with inviting another care home, Woodlands, to join our residents for Afternoon Tea. This was a very successful event which we hope to repeat nearer Christmas time. We also celebrated with a fantastic firework display along with hot dogs and hot chocolate.

Monday morning 1 November was a lovely bright start to the week so lots of our residents took advantage of the sunshine and enjoyed some walks outside in the garden or sat on our lovely balcony. It was great to feel the warmth of the sun on us.

In the afternoon our Art Club made firework pictures. We used toilet rolls in paint to look like rockets exploding in the sky. We all agreed how simple but effective it was.

On Tuesday morning, whilst enjoying the grounds, a Heron was spotted. Its great seeing the birds visiting our pond. Residents then took part in spelling tests – it was a chance to reminisce on our schooldays and how we would start the week with spellings !

In the afternoon we decided to get active with some table tennis – we get quite competitive and like to try and beat Prabesh.

Wednesday, 3 November and we started off the day with ‘Guy Fawkes Hangman’. All the words were associated with bonfire night. This also gave us the opportunity to reminisce on our bonfire nights when we were children and how we used to do ‘Penny for the Guy’.

In the afternoon Louis played piano for us. It was a lovely chance to get together and listen to his playing and then sing along. Some of us even enjoyed a glass of wine.

On Thursday morning, balloon games kept us busy and active. Lots of stretching to reach that yellow balloon.

Our residents then enjoyed hand massages. It’s a lovely sensory one to one activity and gives us a chance to relax and have a quiet chat if we want.

Thursday afternoon is our Flower Arranging Club with one of our Care Partners, Annie. There is always a wonderful selection of flowers and we have a jolly good chatter as we work to arrange them in our vases.

Friday, 5 November, and we started the day decorating cupcakes to have with our planned Afternoon Tea. We were going to make them look like bonfires with orange and red icing, along with matchmakers to look like the wood of the bonfire. It was hard not to eat them as we decorated them.

Friday afternoon we invited residents from our sister home, Woodlands care home to join us for Afternoon Tea. This was a lovely event and we made some great friends whilst enjoying tea and cakes. Woodlands residents also enjoyed a walk around our garden. It was so nice to be able to show them around and we are looking forward to them returning.

In the evening residents came outside to see our wonderful firework display and enjoyed hot dogs along with hot chocolate. They all agreed that it was a fantastic display with so many colourful rockets lighting up the sky.

Saturday morning started with Giant Crossword. This is an activity that everyone loves to come and join. We all help each other so we can complete the crossword in record time.

As the weather was mild some residents went outdoors – a traditional Saturday morning kickabout !

Sunday was a lovely relaxing day. After a morning church service, Alison brought one of her dogs in which we all love to stroke, other residents did jigsaw puzzles and some just enjoyed knitting. It was a lovely way to end a very busy week.