Another busy week at Farnham Mill saw the completion of our lovely Autumn Leaf window display as well as singing and dancing with live singers and the tasty offerings from our Cookery Club.

On Monday 4th October we had an energetic start to the week – Balloon badminton was being played all around the home.  A great way to get some exercise and improve our hand eye co-ordination with lots of stretching to reach that balloon.

The afternoon was quieter, a chance to relax with colouring, jigsaw puzzles and a few afternoons walks in the garden.

In the afternoon we also put up our Autumn Leaf Display which residents have been working on over the past week.  Lovely leaves hanging down in beautiful autumn colours.

Tuesday morning was a time to be pampered.  Teresa, our lovely hairdresser was in our wonderful hair salon we have here at Farnham Mill and one of our activity co-ordinators gave us some relaxing hand massages.  In the afternoon we enjoyed jigsaw puzzles together.

Wednesday 6 October and we had a super visit from Daisy, Alison’s dog.  We love having her visit and we all took turns giving her little treats.

With the sun shining brightly in the afternoon it was great to have Jonty Duo, two fantastic singers who performed in the garden.  We all enjoyed singing along and dancing to the songs.

Thursday 7 October and it was another energetic start to the day with residents playing table tennis.

In the afternoon we all got together for our flower arranging club.  So many colours and different types of flowers to arrange and it was also such good weather that other residents enjoyed a spot of golf on the balcony followed by a well-earned cup of tea.

A-Z word games were on the ground floor on Friday.  We went through the alphabet for subjects such as ‘Animals’, ‘Flowers’, ‘Towns’ and ‘Countries’.  It was a great way of reminiscing of the places we have visited and our favourite flowers and animals.  On the other floors painting was being enjoyed.  It’s a very relaxing activity but also a chance to sit with friends as well.

In the afternoon delicious cheesy smells were coming from the first floor as our Cookery Club got together.  They made lovely cheese straws and cheesy biscuits.  They were a treat that was shared around the home.

Saturday morning started off with some seated exercises before gathering together for our Giant Crossword.

At Farnham Mill, when the sun is shining, we try and make the most of it and head outside.  Tea on the pontoon or golf on the balcony.

Saturday afternoon was also special for one of our residents – his birthday celebration with his family, including dog, and our staff.  Smiles all round.

Sunday 10th October and some of our residents like to gather for a traditional Sunday Church Service.  We are able to show this through our Smart TVs and residents enjoy the quiet time together to reflect.  We are also able to let residents have access to the service in their own rooms.

After a delicious roast dinner, residents got together to play games.  A lovely way to end the week.