This week we exercised, sang, had pampering sessions and enjoyed making a start to our Autumn display.  What a busy week at Farnham Mill and so many smiles to see around the home.

As usual on Monday morning we started with some exercises, it starts us off for the busy week ahead and puts some smiles on our faces, those that wanted to did some putting on the balcony, another great way to exercise.  Other residents started the morning reminiscing and looked at photos and books.

In the afternoon it was nice to enjoy the gardens or be creative with pencils or just enjoy a cup of tea with friends.

On Tuesday 28 September, after catching up with the news it was no surprise to find residents and staff dancing – it is what we love doing at Farnham Mill no matter what the time of day.

After all that dancing in the morning we calmed down in the afternoon for word games, puzzles and a visit to our hair salon with our lovely stylist, Teresa.

On Wednesday our residents made a start on our Autumn Window Display we’re planning.  Cutting and painting lovely leaves in autumn colours.  Other residents got together in our Sensory Room and after some sensory smelling we had a lovely discussion which included politics, history and royalty.

Over the last few weeks some of our residents have expressed an interest to have a ‘Singing Club’.  An opportunity to come together and sing some of our favourite songs.  We started our first session on Wednesday afternoon and after selecting a few songs, Sarah, one of our Activity Co-ordinators, told us a little about the history of the song.  For example, we all knew that Edelweiss was written for the Sound of Music, but none of us realised it was the last song ever written by Oscar Hammerstein.

It was a nice dry afternoon so some of our residents enjoyed sitting outside in the sunshine with their family.

Thursday, 30 September and our residents like a challenge – today they started a new puzzle.  We have a puzzle table on the ground floor and once a new one is started, people always seem to add a piece as they pass by.  It doesn’t take long before it gets finished.

Laughter is always around at Farnham Mill – there is always a great atmosphere.

Friday 1st October and we played darts in the lounge.  We all agreed that maybe a pint of beer would help our throwing skills!

Then we enjoyed a relaxing sensory experience in our ‘Sensory Room’.  Hand massages, soft lights and moving water all helped us relax and feel nice and calm.

Our Flower Arranging Club took place on Friday afternoon for a change.  Again, it was a lovely colourful sensory experience for us all and an opportunity to come together for this pleasurable task.

Afterwards it was time to check on our ducks – its great to be able to see the birds on our pond.

Saturday 2nd October and we gathered together for our Giant Crossword session with David, our volunteer.  It’s a great group activity and it gets us all thinking and solving the clues together.

Those that didn’t want to join in the crossword played with instruments.  We tried to create our own music.

Saturday afternoon and we invited our residents to Afternoon Tea – the best china was out and there was a lovely selection of cakes.  Just what was needed on such a gloomy, wet and windy day.

It was also a chance to celebrate a birthday – we love being able to share these events with families at Farnham Mill.

Sunday morning and whilst some of our residents watched the church service, one of our gentlemen was able to catch up with a Rugby game he had missed.  Other residents were able to enjoy walks around the garden and also finish off painting our Autumn leaves.  It was a nice end to a busy week at Farnham Mill.

We also had an opportunity to show one of our new residents our outside space.  She also got the chance to meet and chat to our staff.