Music is a great way to bring us together and at Farnham Mill we love activities where we singalong such as Musical Bingo and, of course, having wonderful performers visit us.  It really lifts our spirits and makes us feel lucky to be able to enjoy it together with our fellow residents.

Monday 20 September and as we chatted in the lounge we reminisced about our favourite songs.  This then led us to singing songs from the Sound of Music.  It was lovely to have an early morning singalong as we start the day with big smiles on our faces.  After that it was time to get energetic so we exercised our bodies, after exercising our lungs.

In the afternoon some of us continued singing as we played Musical Bingo, whilst others were able to paint or play balloon games.  There is always lots of choice at Farnham Mill and the Activities Team try to ensure that there is a range of pursuits on offer.

At the end of Monday, we were able to surprise one of our lovely residents with a delicious birthday cake and sing happy birthday.  We love celebrating with our friends.

Tuesday morning and one of our residents was enjoying the ‘putting green’.  A lovely time to practice on the balcony in the sunshine.  Others took the opportunity to reminisce with photos and pictures of the past.  This is a great way to stimulate conversations and brings us together.  We also got the parachute out – we love using this as a way to exercise.  Its colourful and playing with the balloons we don’t realise how much exercise we are doing.

Tuesday afternoon was much more peaceful.  A time to read, chat and make new friends.


On Wednesday 22nd September we discovered it was World Rhinoceros Day and as we have our very own Rhino in the garden, our word game that day was Raphael the Rhino – we found a lot of words using the letters.  Its also a chance to have a chat with Father John who visits us once a week from our local parish of Badshot Lea and Hale.

Wednesday afternoon and we had a lovely singer come and perform for us – Janey.  She sang some great songs from the 60s and had us singing and dancing along with her.

As well as enjoying the entertainment, we always make time to celebrate birthdays and keep in touch with our family.


Thursday morning and a chance to have a look at the ducks outside from our pontoon.  Its great to see how they dip in and out of the water.

The afternoon it was our Flower Arranging Club – we love getting together and sharing our thoughts on gardens and what we used to grow, followed, of course, by a cup of tea and cake.

Friday morning and some of our residents like to relax with some painting.  Again, this is a great opportunity to come together with friends and share memories.  We also had fun with an old typewriter.

The weather was so lovely on Friday afternoon that we had Afternoon Tea on the pontoon.  Our chef had made some lovely cakes and we all enjoyed sitting in the sunshine chatting.

Saturday morning, 25th September, and one of our residents felt like doing some exercise.  One of our newest Activity Co-ordinators kept her company.  On our first-floor other residents were taking part in the Giant Crossword, this is a great activity where we work on solving the clues together.

We had a more relaxing afternoon – playing on our interactive table, colouring as well as celebrating another birthday.

Sunday morning was time for our traditional morning church service.  Those that didn’t want to take part took the opportunity to play sensory games.

In the afternoon, after a delicious roast dinner, we enjoyed what seems to be the last of the summer sunshine, by enjoying walks around our garden.  What a lovely end to a busy week at Farnham Mill.