Another busy week at Farnham Mill as we enjoyed the sunshine with our entertainer performing outside and then a lovely trip out to the local canal centre.  Lots of smiles at Farnham Mill

Monday morning and we’re being energetic with our exercises.  It’s a great way to start the week and its more fun doing it in a group.  Ball games are also a great way to stay active.

In the afternoon one of our favourite entertainers came to sing for us.  Natasha always sings the songs to get us up dancing and clapping and our residents all come out to the terrace or balcony to see her.

Another exercise session on Tuesday started the day off, just 10 minutes a day to get the blood circulating around our body and it sets us up for the day ahead.

Later that morning some of our residents wanted to paint.  This is a lovely way to relax and enjoy a cup of tea with friends as well.  We were very proud of our pictures.

In the afternoon we enjoyed lovely hand massages.  It was very relaxing.

Wednesday morning, 15 September, and some residents enjoyed a quiz whilst others played skittles on the balcony.

Our Activities Team put together a lovely ‘Fresh Fruit Trolley’ in the afternoon.  Although fresh fruit and juices are available all day at Farnham Mill, it was lovely to see them laid out so attractively that we just couldn’t resist.

Thursday 16 September and some residents went out on a ‘Mystery Tour’.  We boarded the minibus in anticipation and arrived at Mytchett Canal Centre. We spent a lovely couple of hours looking at the displays of the route of the canal and how it was built.  A couple of our residents used to live along the canal.  Then we walked along the canal and over the swing bridge before having a nice cool drink before heading back to Farnham Mill.

The afternoon was just as busy as it was our Flower Arranging Club with Annie.  She collects flowers from the local Sainsburys that are donated and we fill lots of vases to have around the home.  We love reminiscing about our gardens and what we grew in them.  It’s a great time for residents to come together in such a positive way.

Friday 17 September, we had a lovely ‘Fish and Chip Friday’.  Memories of having fish and chips straight from the newspaper sat on a windy beach came flooding back to us.   They were very tasty and we didn’t have to worry about the seagulls stealing our chips!

After a lovely lunch we had fun with ball games, puzzles and even some dancing.

On Saturday morning David, our volunteer, did his giant crossword on our first floor.  This is another popular weekly event at Farnham Mill and is something our residents love to get involved in.

Some residents like to get involved in helping the staff and one of our residents always helps laying the tables.  It’s important for them to feel involved in their home.

In the afternoon we enjoyed walks around our lovely gardens and also an Afternoon Tea – made even more delicious with our bone China tea cups.

Sunday 19 September and the weather was a little bit drizzly.  This didn’t affect us as we like our Sunday traditions – a morning church service, and then roast dinner followed by an afternoon film.  This week we enjoyed Doris Day in Pyjama Game.  However, we also found time to play some table tennis.  What a lovely end to a very busy week.