With all the children around England returning to school we thought at Farnham Mill we would take this opportunity to reminisce about our schooldays and learn about what is new in schools today.  The weather was so nice that we also spent a lot of time in the garden as summer is coming to an end.

Monday 6th September, we started off our day with some exercise.  It’s important to keep active and one of the ways we like to do this at Farnham Mill is playing with balloons.  It’s amazing how we all stretch without even realising it.

In the afternoon, as the weather was sunny, we had a ‘School Choir’ session on the balcony.  This was a great experience as we reminisced about the songs we had sung at school and then later throughout our lives.

Tuesday was such a lovely day we seemed to spend most of it outside.  Walks around the garden, ice creams and even some lawn games with grandchildren.

On Wednesday, after reminiscing about school sports day, we got out our parachute and balloons.  This is another way we like to keep fit at Farnham Mill and is great fun as we all work together to keep the balloons in the parachute.

Wednesday afternoon and Louis, a member of staff at Farnham Mill, played the piano for us.  We love it when he plays and we get the chance to all get together and sing along as well.

Thursday 9 September, and in the morning, everyone seemed to be doing art on the various floors at Farnham Mill, nice and relaxing.

In the afternoon it was time for our flower arranging club to get to work on arranging all the lovely flowers so they can go in vases around the home.  Its smiles all round as we chat about the colours, smells and feel of the flowers.  A great sensory experience to be involved in.

On Friday 10 September, we concentrated on letter writing.  We have a Pen Pal Partnership with More House School in Frensham and the children and residents regularly correspond with each other.  The students love hearing about our residents’ previous lives and they share what they do in school today.

In the afternoon we played with some of our percussion instruments – just like being at school again and having a music lesson.

Saturday morning and David, our volunteer, did the Giant Crossword in the lounge.  It’s a great group activity and gets us all trying to solve the clues.

In the afternoon we relaxed and enjoyed time spent in the garden.  It’s so nice to chat over a cup of tea and listen to the birds.

Sundays at Farnham Mill are very traditional for us.  Those residents that want to, start with a morning church service, others enjoy reading their papers or a walk in the garden with family.  Others are pleased to be able to finish a jigsaw puzzle.  This is followed by a delicious roast dinner, Pork today with crackling.  Then an afternoon where we relax with a favourite musical – Oklahoma was the choice today.