We love to get out into the Gardens at Farnham Mill

The best way to start the week is by having a glass of preferred drink in the garden with some positive thoughts. Having a change in the environment does make all the difference.

On a Monday morning we had the chance to catch up with friends during our Arts and Crafts Club. We choose to paint today, using all those different bright colours brighten our day.

A garden walk is our favourite form of exercise. We can hear the birds, watch the bees wondering around the flowers and the family of ducks on the pond. Mother nature is beautiful.

It is so lovely to have couples living with us at Farnham Mill. Here doing the crossword together.

On Tuesday we went to Chawton, a lovely village in the countryside in Hampshire. We visited Jane Austen’s house. We had a walk around the village and saw lots of thatched cottages. On the way back the minibus took us through the village of Bentley and after driving through the centre of Farnham, we returned to FM in time for lunch.

On Wednesday we challenged our brains doing jigsaw puzzles and of course our residents did it in no time. The time and dedication that is needed to complete a puzzle is quite impressive. We also did some arts and crafts and sensory therapy.

Our residents take every opportunity to be out in the beautiful gardens and look out over the lovely mill pond.

After we received the wonderful flowers donated by Sainsburys, we all sat together and put them in bunches and vases which are places throughout the home.

On Friday morning we challenged each other on word search game. 100 of words were found in no time.

A birthday is one of the most important days of the year. Celebrating it with loved ones and our whole Farnham Mill family makes it even more special. Thank you to our chef for baking the cake, as always it tasted delicious.

We love that Farnham Mill is such a happy place to be.

We can help out if we want to which helps us be a part of things.

There is always music playing the homes which often leads to the opportunity to have a little dance with the nurses and carers.

On Sunday morning we celebrated the 30th wedding anniversary of one of our resident. We all celebrated with some cocktails in the garden and a piece of cake.