This week at Farnham Mill we have been very busy, quizzes, flower arranging, and even dancing as we celebrated VJ Day with a fantastic BBQ and entertainer.  However, one of the things we like best is to be able to enjoy the lovely garden and we have certainly been able to do that this week.

Monday morning at Farnham Mill was all about catching up with chores and the news.  Some residents checked the headlines, others refreshed the flowers around the home whilst some residents started the morning with some gentle exercises either in the lounge or strolling around the garden.

In the afternoon we decided to get together for A-Z word games.  We had to go through the alphabet finding things for each letter of the alphabet.  First, we chose Animals and then Towns and Cities.  We failed with X and Z but it was a great way to reminisce, especially with the towns as we were able to chat about where we had visited.

Tuesday morning saw us catching up in the garden.  It was a lovely day and perfect for chatting and making new friends.

In the afternoon, as it was so nice, we had Afternoon Tea on the Terrace.  Another great opportunity to catch up with friends around the home.

One of our residents also had a visit with family and they brought their dog along.  At Farnham Mill we love families bringing in their well behaved pets, we all like to see them.

The weather was so nice we also played some lawn games, a chance to get competitive, but always with a laugh !

Wednesday morning was nice and relaxed, another chance to enjoy our lovely gardens at Farnham Mill.  There are so many areas to explore and always an opportunity to stop and chat with friends.

We also made a discovery that one of our Activities Co-ordinators had a connection with a resident.  It was discovered that Sarah and her siblings had all been baptised by our residents’ husband, as well as him carrying out the wedding ceremony for her brother.  Sarah brought in her Christening Certificate which made our resident so happy so see that her husband had been involved in her life.

Thursday 12 August and we took the opportunity to celebrate one of our lovely gentleman’s birthdays.  Its so nice to be able to share these special days with family – and the cake of course!

Thursday afternoon was time for our Flower Arranging Club with Annie, one of our Care Partners.  More and more residents are joining in each week – standing room only soon.

Friday and we started the morning with our Residents Meeting.  This is a regular meeting we have at our home with Alison, the owner, and the residents.  It’s a chance to discuss menus, activities and also hear of future plans and meet any new staff.  Alison also likes to give awards to staff that do that little bit extra and this month it was one of our Care Partners, Andrew, for all the extra help he gives in supporting the residents.  He was actually helping with the BBQ that day so Alison had to drag him away from the cooking to give him his award.

We then enjoyed a very tasty BBQ prepared by our wonderful kitchen team to celebrate VJ day.  It was a great afternoon which was completed by one of our favourite entertainers, Stefano, singing for us.

Saturday morning and our residents chose to do some painting or jigsaw puzzles.  We like taking opportunities to relax and unwind.

In the afternoon a time to enjoy the garden, catch up with family and celebrate a birthday.

On Sunday we were able to take part in our on-line church service, catch up with the Sunday Papers and as a special treat, we opened our Salon for a Ladies Pampering Session with fruit juices and fresh fruit.  What better way to end a busy week.

And we finished the day with another birthday to celebrate – more delicious cake.  Hope there’s some exercise sessions on the schedule for next week !