On the 6th of July Farnham Mill Nursing home had an unannounced CQC inspection and the home was found to be good in all areas.  CQC is the Care Quality Commission and is the inspecting regulatory body for all nursing homes, hospitals and Doctors Surgery’s.  Generally, nursing homes are inspected every 2 years and they are unannounced.

The report commented on how “relatives are encouraged to be involved as partners in their family members’ care”.  CQC recognises Farnham Mill’s innovative and flexible scheme, whereby residents’ families are tested for COVID weekly by PCR and on days of their visit, by Lateral Flow Test. Which then allows them to visit safely and regularly inside the Home, to the benefit of the residents’ wellbeing and happiness.

To celebrate this achievement of being recognised as Good in all areas, a Garden Party with a barbeque, entertainer and afternoon tea, was put on for all the residents and their Care Partners.  Farnham Mills sister home, Hill House Nursing Home in Ewshot on the borders of Fleet and Farnham also has a Care Partner scheme and hold regular barbecue’s, with entertainers and singers.  So many of the residents enjoy hearing the music and being able to see their family and friends regularly.

Jo Grinyer, the Care Director, commented “It is lovely to be able to have families being able to visit regularly and safely and this is an important step to trying to get back to a sense of normality”.

If you would like to find out more about Farnham Mill or Hill House Nursing Homes, please enquire on 01252 850 236 or mobile 07704 426 475, email us on enquiries@woodlands-hillbrow.co.uk