Several reasons to celebrate this week – Team GB winning Gold Medals in the Olympic games and one of our lovely entertainers was back at Farnham Mill to sing to us.  By the end of the afternoon so many residents and staff were up and dancing and we all had smiles on our faces. With the Tokyo Olympics underway residents were able to spend Monday morning watching the events on TV or relaxing on the balcony checking on the latest results in the papers.

In the afternoon we started work on our Olympic Display.  We’ll be updating it daily to show how many gold, silver and bronze medals Team GB have won.  We commenced with painting the Olympic rings – better get them in the right order.

Tuesday morning and we’re catching up with the results again for Team GB.  Its nice to be able to sit outside and read our papers.

At Farnham Mill our chef is available to all residents to discuss their likes and dislikes and it was nice to enjoy a walk outside whilst discussing the menu on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday we continued with our Olympic theme and we had a game of Guess the Olympic sport.  It was a great laugh and we even had some mascots with us.

In the afternoon one of our newest couples to move into Farnham Mill had a lovely visit from a relative and brought their dog in as well.   It was a great chance to have a stroke and cuddle with a gorgeous friendly dog.

On Thursday some of our residents enjoyed our sensory games and jigsaw puzzles.  Its quite challenging working out how the pieces fit and slot together.

Thursday afternoon was our flower arranging club with Annie, one of our Care Partners.  So many flowers to arrange.  Its something we all love doing together and its great to chat and catch up with each other and at the end we have a well-earned cup of tea and cake.

Friday morning and we continued with our Olympic Medal display, ensuring we have enough gold, silver and bronze medals for Team GB who are doing so well, and adding the Olympic Torch to it as well.

Those that didn’t want to do art had a game of Croquet or Quoits.  As the weather was not looking too good in the morning, we were able to play it indoors. We all tried to get our personal best!

Friday afternoon and we had a wonderful treat as Natasha sang for us at Farnham Mill.  We were all nervous about the weather but she bought the sunshine with her and the rain stayed away until the end of her performance.  Residents were able to watch and dance outside, and on the balcony.  It brought so many smiles to the faces of our residents and staff.

After the excitement and energetic dancing on Friday, the weekend was much quieter.  Saturday was a day to enjoy the garden and do our favourite jigsaw puzzles or do a group crossword.

In the afternoon we played balloon games – it’s a great way to stay active and we all get involved.

On Sunday some of our residents watched the church service whilst some of our gentlemen played football and croquet outside.  A chance to enjoy being together in the fresh air and getting an appetite for our Sunday roast.

After lunch some of our residents enjoyed an afternoon film, whilst some explored our interactive table.  We always make sure there is a choice of activities at Farnham Mill.