Everyone at Farnham Mill took advantage as the sun continuing to shine we decided to make the most of it by drinking cocktails and splashing in the paddling pool outside.  Beach party fun – who needs Ibiza.

We usually try to start the week with exercises of some description which can take many forms but what better way to start Monday morning than with dancing around the home with staff.  It puts us all in a good mood for the day.

Reflecting and reminiscing is also important and takes many forms.  Looking at photos is a great way to start conversations and get to know one another.

On Tuesday morning, after a walk to check on the ducks, we put our senses to the test to see what we could smell as we walked around the home, some of these were lavender polish, washing power and a fresh pot of tea.

We continued with the sensory theme and explored our interactive table.  There are so many different games to play on it and one of our favourites is ‘squashing the berries’.  Others enjoyed exploring our sensory puzzles.  Its good looking at how things work and fit together, something we can do with our wonderful carers.


We couldn’t resist spending the afternoon outside enjoying ice lollies and a colourful paddling pool.  Two great ways to cool down, especially when Alison and her wonderful staff joined in.  A chance to splash and be children again.

Wednesday, one resident invented his own game – ‘toss the sunhat’.  A big hit especially as it involved making it land on one of our Care Partners shoes!  We also played ‘Hook-a-duck’ on the terrace.

More fun outside on Wednesday afternoon as we took advantage of the paddling pool and this time, enjoyed fruit cocktails on the terrace as well.  Time for a Pimm’s anyone?

Thursday was a very creative day.  Mosaic Club in the morning – making patterns and constructing ornaments and in the afternoon, our Flower Arranging Club.  A lovely time to chat and admire each other’s efforts.

On Friday 23rd July we started the day with relaxing jigsaw puzzles and looking at books.  Its nice to enjoy a cup of tea while pondering where the pieces go.

In the afternoon it was a little cooler and perfect to enjoy a stroll or a cool drink outside.

Saturday morning and we just can’t stop dancing at Farnham Mill – who’s got the best moves?

Saturdays Afternoon Tea was very welcome, a chance to get out the best bone china, be waited on and enjoy a chat whilst sampling delicious cakes.   I think this will be a regular treat, we so deserve it after all our dancing.

Sunday 25th July started with our regular morning church service and then after a delicious roast chicken dinner prepared by our talented chef, it was time to sit back and enjoy a classic film – everyone’s favourite – Born Free.  A few tissues were passed around but we had to agree it had a very happy ending and its also a great way to end a very busy week.