As usual, it has been a busy week with a lovely chance to enjoy visits from our family and a time to socialise together.

Monday morning and we like to start with exercises.  We always keep it fun and as well as keeping us fit, we like to laugh and play around.  Some of our gentlemen have been following the Euros and there’s always lots to discuss after a match.

On Tuesday our ladies decided to get baking – it was always a big part of our lives and with it being one of our residents’ birthday, how better to celebrate than with homemade birthday cake.  Thank you, ladies.

On Wednesday morning we played with modelling clay.  Its great for our fine motor skills and can be a great group activity.

In the afternoon we had a chance to make our own music.  In brings back great memories although we’re not sure if you could recognise the tune?

Pig racing was our activity for Thursday morning.  It was great fun as we all got together to cheer on our favourite pigs – not sure whether Miss Piggy or Elvis Piglsey won more races.

Our ladies love Thursday afternoon – our Flower Arranging Club.  This is now run by one of our valued care partners and we have so many flowers to arrange that we are kept very busy.  A cup of tea and cake afterwards for all our hard work and the scent of fresh flowers around the home.

And whilst the ladies were busy with their flowers, the men could concentrate on their sport – golf and football skills.

In preparation for our 4 July American lunch on Sunday, we played American themed hangman on Friday morning.  Words such as sidewalk, trash and diaper kept us guessing.  Some residents also took the opportunity to relax and chat to friends.

In the afternoon residents took advantage of the good weather to enjoy sitting outside and watch the ducks.  Keeping an eye out for showers of course.

It’s nice to sometimes just relax and so on Saturday we caught up with families, friends and did jigsaw puzzles.

Sunday 4th July, American Independence Day so we celebrated with a lovely lunch.  The wonderful Chef and Activities team made the dining room look fantastic as well as serving very tasty food.  We love these opportunities to celebrate and come together.