This week at Farnham Mill we have been busy with our exercises, getting out in the garden to enjoy the glimpse of sunshine and have lots of chats with fellow residents.

We started the week with some exercise in the lounge. We gathered together and had a good old laugh while getting fit. As well as exercise we hit the balloon to each other and played some football out in the garden.

In the afternoon we had a good old sing along, we listened to different songs from the musicals and had to guess what the song was from. As well as musical songs we sung songs from the 1950’s. This was a lovely afternoon full of laughter and joy.

Tuesday, we created our very own flower and garden pictures as well as talking about our own gardens and visiting Chelsea flower shows and other historical gardens. This was a lovely morning to reflect on our memories as well as listen to the stories of fellow residents.

Tuesday afternoon was time for a sensory afternoon full of different smells, guess what smell goes with what sent. This was a challenge for some smells as they were a lot harder to get then others, but it was lots of fun.

Wednesday, we reminiscing the 1980’s, we did this with music and the interactive table we have here. It was lovely to look back at the different items we used to have in our own homes as well as listen to the music we used to dance to with our children.

In the afternoon we had one to one time with different sensory games, this included jigsaw puzzles, plasticine  and different brain teaser puzzles. As well as having a chat with the activities team we got our fingers moving and tested our minds.

Thursday morning, we spent some time in the garden. We took walks and spend some time watching the ducks and listening to the sound of the birds.  As well as garden walks, we enjoyed playing golf on the balcony.

In the afternoon we got creative with some flower arranging. This a social occasion as well as being creative in a different way. It also brings back memories of working in florists for some of us and receiving beautiful flowers from family members.

Friday, we got painting and drawing. We love being creative here at Farnham Mill and painting is one of the ways we like to unwind and have time to ourselves.

In the afternoon, we could wither relax in the sensory room or sit in the lounge with a giant crossword.

The sensory room, is a lovely way to relax and unwind it brings a sense of peace to such a busy and full of energy home. It is nice for us to have this area to come to if we every need time to ourselves or want to have time to relax in the quiet.

Where as the cross word brings a sense of achievement and competitiveness out in us to want to get the answer first but it is also nice to work as a team to get that feeling of accomplishment.

Saturday, we got busy making cheesy straws and chocolate twists. This is a great satisfaction as we are very proud of what we make and love seeing fellow residents enjoy them too.  Getting back in the kitchen and baking also brings back memories of baking for family and for special occasions.

In the afternoon we celebrated national bingo day with a game of musical bingo. We sung along to different songs including, ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles’ and ‘London Bridge’ Singing brings us all together and spreads happiness throughout Farnham Mill.

Sunday, we started the day with either going to church, reading our newspapers, painting or just taking it easy. This was a nice relaxed Sunday for us all to enjoy.

In the afternoon we watched ‘Black Beauty’ the story of a horse and the different stories he encounters on the way. It was a beautiful film enjoyed by all and we were all full of complements at the end.

If we didn’t want to watch the film some of us took strolls out in the garden, did jigsaw puzzles and spent time with fellow residents chatting about football and the euros.