This week at Farnham Mill everyone has been making the most of the sunshine and getting out in the garden. Farnham Mill is very lucky to have such beautiful gardens that all can enjoy, from looking at all the beautiful flowers, watching the ducks and listening to the birds, we are all very grateful for this wonderful outside space.

We started the week with getting in our exercise. We did this in lots of ways, either a big group season downstairs, hitting the balloon around or taking walks around the home and in the garden.

In the afternoon we got singing as we played a game of musical bingo. This brings back the memories of the songs we used to listen and dance to as well as getting us competitive as we want to win the game of bingo!

Tuesday, we got ready for our Royal Ascot Ladies day. We have had lots of beautiful hats donated to us from lots of people around Farnham but today we decided to decorate them a bit more and put our own stamp on them.

We also had lots of fun trying them on!

In the afternoon we had our lunch al fresco and enjoyed the warm weather. As well as having lunch outside we enjoyed lots of hydrating drinks, fruits and ice creams.

Wednesday was time to enjoy the sunshine! The sun was shining down as we played different games on the balcony and out in the garden, as well as chatting to fellow residents.

As well as garden games we got busy with sensory games inside. We enjoyed jigsaw puzzles, sensory puzzles and combining cogs together so that they all spin as one.

Thursday morning, we created seaside pictures with paint and sand. As well as being creative this is a lovely way to talk about all our seaside memories and be a little childish and play with the sand.


In the afternoon we got busy with flower arranging. We all sat out on the balcony looking out onto the garden where we spoke about different flowers, our own gardens and how we used to have them.


Friday was time to be busy and get painting different pictures. As well as painting some of us took time out in the garden to plant some plants, as well as check on the seeds we had recently planted.


In the afternoon we had a lovely visit from Daisy the dog. Dogs and all animals bring smiles to our faces here at Farnham Mill. Animals bring a sense of joy to all and bring back memories of childhood as well as a sense of companionship.

Football was on our mind as the euros are starting tonight, we got out in the garden to play a game of football with the staff, which was full of laughs and spirit.

Saturday was the Queen’s birthday. We all sat in the lounge and spoke about the Queen and some of the amazing experiences we have had with the queen. We learnt new facts as well as some old and enjoyed listening to the stories of others.

In the afternoon we went to the hat shop! This was full of beautiful hats that we could try on. We laughed together as some looked amazing while others not so much. It was a lovely afternoon enjoyed by all.

Sunday morning some of us went to church while others got painting and sat out in the garden.


In the afternoon the football was on. We got front row seats, with drinks and snacks at the ready to cheer on England. For me I didn’t want to watch the football so I took time out for myself and did some puzzles and took a walk in the garden.