This week at Farnham Mill we have been making the most of the sun by enjoying lunches, exercise and enjoying the company of others.

Monday morning, we all enjoyed sitting on the balcony looking out onto the garden. We had the music playing and got exercising together with the carers.

As well as chair-based exercises some of us got dancing in the garden.

In the afternoon we enjoyed cool refreshing drinks and ice-cream.

Tuesday, we started the morning with some painting. This was a different way of painting as we had to try and replicate a picture we already had. This was challenging but also an enjoyable morning.

In the afternoon we got into the garden as the sun was shining once again. As well as enjoying the sunshine we got on the interactive table and played different sensory games.

Wednesday was another day to get creative as we got colouring with pencils and pens. It is always nice to use different types of stationaries to create pictures.

The sun was shining once again here at Farnham Mill and we made sure to make the most of this weather and enjoy some fresh air and counted all the ducks on the pond.

Thursday, we started the morning with some balloon and ball games to get s moving. Once we had done our exercise, we got smelling different smells and tried to guess what they were. Some smells were easier to get then others and some smelt a lot better than others too!

In the afternoon we sat out on the balcony and enjoyed some flower arranging. As well as being creative with the flowers it is a nice social occasion to talk to fellow residents and with a cup of tea and cake.

Friday morning, we tested ourselves with a giant crossword and word search. This gets us thinking and working as a team to try and get as many words as we can.

In the afternoon we reminisced cameras and looked at all the different cameras that there has been. We also looked at different reminiscing books and spoke about the 60s.

Saturday was a quieter morning for us all. Some of us decided to get out in the garden to enjoy the sun, while others enjoyed jigsaw puzzles and painting.

In the afternoon there was a film playing on the first floor. I decided today I didn’t feel like watching a film so instead I got dancing with the carers and enjoyed listening to the music.

Sunday some of attended the church service while others created their own music with different musical instruments. It’s a good time to gather together to enjoy the music we know and love as well as make our own.

In the afternoon we enjoyed sensory games and spending time in the garden. To make the most of this sunshine we all gathered outside and enjoyed a nice lunch.