This week at Farnham Mill we celebrated traditions from Greece as well as enjoying food and learning about Greece and their people.

We started the week with some exercise, we got moving to the music as well as enjoyed hitting the balloon around, stretching up high and low.

In the afternoon we enjoyed the film ‘Mamma Mia’ everyone enjoyed this film as we got singing and got our toes tapping along. While others enjoyed the film some of us enjoyed painting our very own Greek Urns.

Tuesday, we got creative as we got clay modelling. As well as using our imaginations to create pieces of work it is nice to feel the clay in our hands and get our fingers moulding.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a Greek themed word game, got out in the garden and listened to some traditional Greek music. This was a lovely relaxing afternoon and got to have a laugh and enjoy time with others.

Wednesday we got creative as we made our very own Olympic crowns. This was a fun and exciting way to learn more about Greece and their life style.

In the afternoon Louis played the piano for us. We gathered around the piano and sung songs and listened to the beautiful sound of the piano

Smiles and happiness fills the home when the piano is played.

Thursday morning, we had a dog filled morning. As we were enjoying our morning activities, we got a visit from loved ones and staff’s dogs. This brought smiles to our face and brings so much joy to us all.

In the afternoon we had one to one time enjoying sensory games, reminiscing and having chats over a nice cup of tea and cake.

Friday morning, we got making our very own Olympic torch and medals ready for our afternoon of Olympic games.

At lunch time we enjoyed Moussaka and Greek yoghurt and peaches. This was a nice and different lunch that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

In the afternoon we got our competitive side out as we enjoyed our very own Olympic games. We played table tennis, got boxing, played golf, tennis, and lots lots more. It was a fun packed afternoon full of energy and competitiveness.

Saturday, we spent time together laughing, dancing and enjoying being with friends. We learnt more about Greece and their accent traditions.

In the afternoon we watched a western film. We gathered around the tv enjoyed sweets and ice cream and got stuck into the film.

Sunday was a busy day but relaxing at the same time. We enjoyed balloon and ball games, the garden, and sensory games. We picked what we wanted to do and enjoyed the day doing it.