This week at Farnham Mill we have celebrated two events- our amazing nurses and doughnuts. As well has celebrating we have made sure to fit in our dancing and exercise, lots of singing and lots lots more.

We started the week with our exercising stretching up high and low and marching up hills. As well as this we enjoyed shooting the ball into the net and throwing it to one another, this is another way to get exercising but having fun too.

In the afternoon we got dancing to some 60’s rock ‘n’ roll. The home was full of smiles and laughs as we enjoyed listening to the music we know and love.

Tuesday morning was a lovely morning as we set off out on the bus to see the bluebells. We drove around in the countryside, seeing sheep, horses and lots of people who we waved too. Where we ended up at a woodland with a carpet full of beautiful bluebells.

In the afternoon we sat down and enjoyed painting our very own bluebells along with other flowers we could make our own.

National Nurses’ day!

Today we celebrated our lovely carers and Nurses here at Farnham Mill. In the morning we spent one to one time with our carers and Nurses and had lots of laughs and enjoyed singing.

In the afternoon we got creative as we coloured and painted our own pictures that are connected to all of the nurses.

As well as this some of us got out in the garden as the sun was shining. We looked out onto the pond and had time to reflect, relax and unwind.

Thursday morning was a busy morning, we enjoyed garden walks, sensory games, table games and word games. This kept us busy but it was also nice to sit with fellow residents to chat and laugh.

Thursday afternoon we enjoyed arranging the flowers. This is a lovely way to get creative and bring back memories of gardening and creating our own displays in our homes.

We also got a surprise visit from a pet dog who always brings smiles into the home.

Friday morning, we sat and created jigsaw puzzles and got sporty as we kicked and threw the ball around to each other.

In the afternoon we played a game of checkers. As well as get our competitive side out this is a nice way to sit with fellow residents and have a chat.

Saturday morning, we got in the sensory room. The music was playing in the background as we sung along to our favourite songs and enjoyed playing on the interactive table.

In the afternoon we had lots of yummy doughnuts to celebrate National doughnut week. There was so much choice from, jam, custard, chocolate sprinkles, sugar and lots more it was so hard to pick from.

Sunday was a day of relaxing and unwinding from a busy week. The morning was enjoyed by painting and the church service as well as spending time in the garden.

In the afternoon I picked a film for us to watch and I decided to put on singing in the rain as I thought it was appropriate for the sudden down poor on which suddenly appeared on us.

This was a nice way to end the week as next week we will be off to Greece!