This week at Farnham Mill we have been going back in time and reminiscing about the animals we grew up with. As well as lots of reminiscing we had some lovely visits from ponies and a lamb.

We started this week with some exercise with the ball and balloon. We got throwing it to one another as well as trying to shoot it into the net. As well as getting our arms moving, we are using hand eye coordination to catch the ball.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some May day facts and traditions as we got painting some May day pictures.

Tuesday morning, we relaxed as we enjoyed some sensory games. Sensory is a good way for us to unwind as well as connect with the items we are touching and feeling.  Some of the sensory games included water painting, maze games and sensory touch with shells.

In the afternoon we got out in the garden as well as enjoyed some jigsaw puzzles.

Wednesday was time to reminisce about our favourite pets. We spoke about the dogs we used to have and how they brought so much love to the family, while some of us had rabbits growing up as children. Some of us spoke about how we used to own fish and wanted to recreate that memory of having them, so we got creative and made our very own fish tank.

In the afternoon the ponies came to visit!

This brought smiles all around at Farnham Mill as we all gathered in the garden with our cups of tea in hand. We spoke about the stories of owning our own horses and the amazing way they can sense our feelings and emotions.

Thursday morning, we got creative as we made our very own mosaic pictures.  This was a fiddly job to create our master pieces but once we had finished it was a great sense of achievement.

In the afternoon we had a surprise, a lamb came to visit us. This was a lovely afternoon and we loved stroking the lamb and having cuddles with it too.

Friday morning, we went into the sensory room we have here at Farnham Mill and enjoyed the interactive table. This is full of amazing games, some test us with questions and music from childhood tv programs, while other get us stretching across the table to splat the different items that are projected on the table.

In the afternoon we got out in the garden to enjoy the sun and get some fresh air. The garden always brings a sense of calm to the home and helps us relax and unwind as we sit on the bench and listen to the sounds around us.

Saturday morning, we played bingo!

But this was not any normal bingo this was chocolate bingo. This brought the competitive side out of us as we wanted to win as well as bring us together to have a lovely morning with friends.

In the afternoon we went to the movies! Sweet treats were brought around including popcorn, crisps and chocolate.

Sunday was a mixed morning for all. Some of us went to church while other got creative and coloured different pictures. Others got out in the garden to enjoyed the morning air and other residents took time out for themselves and had a relaxed day.