This week at Farnham Mill we enjoyed getting out in the garden, enjoying exercise and making lots of flowers for our entry to the Flower festival for the church.

We started the week with some parachute games. This is a good way to get exercising and having a laugh at the same time. We worked as a team to keep the balloons on the parachute as well, as getting the tennis ball through the hole in the middle.

Monday afternoon we enjoyed some competitive table games as well as changeling ourselves with some jigsaw puzzles.

Tuesday, we got out into the garden for some fresh air, while we were out there, we checked on the seeds we had recently planted. Tuesday we also got competitive as we enjoyed a game of golf against the activities team and played a load of word games to test our brains.

Wednesday we started to work on our flower display for the church to display. We painted flowers, made flowers out of paper and created out own doves. As well as getting out creative side out, we played snooker on own very own mini snooker table.

Thursday was time to get our dances shoes on as we created our own music with the musical instruments as well as getting dancing to the music playing in the background.

As well as getting dancing and filling the home with laughs and smiles we enjoyed sensory games and jigsaw puzzles. We started many of these puzzles the other day but we were all determined to get it finished.

Friday, we spent time looking through our scrapbooks and having one to one time with activities and the volunteers. It always brings joy to us looking through photos and seeing everything we have done here at Farnham Mill.

As well as having well needed one on one time we got busy modelling our very own animals out of modelling clay. This was a fiddly process but we were all very proud of our end result.

Saturday, we got our senses working as we tasted different types of food and we had to try and guess the flavour. This was a lovely way to try different foods as well as testing ourselves. We had honey, marmalade, strawberries and lots, lots more. The hardest food to guess was cucumber, as it is full of water, whereas the easiest was marmite, cause you either love it or hate it.

Sunday was a relaxing day for all. Some of us went to the church service, while others got out in the garden to enjoy some fresh air before it started to rain. As well as this, we helped put up our window display for the flower festival within the church. This was a nice way to end the week before we start our week full of reminiscing about growing up with animals.