This week at Farnham Mill we celebrated St George’s day but all week. We learnt the history of St George with word games, quizzes and reminiscing and we also got creative as we painted our very own St George pictures.

We started the week with some good old exercise, we got moving to the music and got our dancing shoes on.

As well as movement to the music some of us got out in the garden for walks and fresh air.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a quiz in the garden. This was a nice way to relax and unwind while also testing ourselves. We also enjoyed some yummy ice cream and a cup of tea.


Tuesday, we enjoyed painting our very own pictures. We had a mixture of pictures to pick from and I decided to paint a garden themed one as the sun was shining.

In the afternoon we had afternoon tea out in the garden. This was a nice way for us all to get together and have a chat and enjoy the sun.

Wednesday we started the morning with some balloon bounce and some table games of hoopla. This is a great way to work on our hand eye coordination as well as having fun.

In the afternoon Louis played the piano for us all. This is a wonderful way to bring back them memories of ourselves and family playing the piano as well as singing together as a home.

Thursday, we enjoyed some, one to one time as well as getting creative as we coloured different types of butterflies ready for our wall display.

Thursday afternoon we enjoyed the garden and watching all the ducks on the pond as well as having chats with our fellow residents.

We also enjoyed some jigsaw puzzles and worked on the ones we had recently started.

St George’s day!

This morning we helped decorate the tables by arranging red and white flowers in the vases. As well as helping out this brings back memories for us and gets our creative side out.

The day was enjoyed with a buffet lunch with sandwiches, scones, cakes and yummy treats for all the enjoy. We all gather together chatted and brought smiles throughout Farnham Mill.

Saturday morning, we got creative as we enjoyed some more painting. As well as painting we enjoyed sensory games.

This is a nice way to relax and unwind after such a busy week.

Saturday afternoon we had a cocktail party out in the garden. We enjoyed our favourite cocktails and enjoyed the warm weather.

There was dancing, singing and the sound of guitar playing in the background.

It felt like we were all on holiday!

Sunday was a day to relax, we have all had such a busy week so we decided to take it easy this Sunday.

Those who wanted to attended the church service. While others enjoyed, water painting, the garden and the interactive table.