This week at Farnham Mill our residents have been enjoying lots of different activities from getting out in the sun and enjoying the ducks, painting and having well needed one on one time with carers and other members of staff.

Monday, we started the morning by enjoying some exercise. We gathered in the lounge to enjoy a group exercise session followed by some good old hitting of the balloon.

In the afternoon we enjoyed an afternoon film that was full of singing and dancing. It was nice to sit together around the tv and sing together as a group and see people tapping their toes.

Tuesday we got painting beautiful flowers and created them in the way we see the flowers in the garden. This is also a nice way to unwind and enjoy company of other residents.

In the afternoon on Tuesday, we gathered in the lounge to enjoy some word games. We had to see how many words we could get; this was a challenge but we managed to work a s a team and get over 50.

Wednesday was time for musical bingo!

We all came up to first floor and sat around the tables in their lounge. We all had a lovely chat as it was nice to see fellow residents as well as singing together when we got started on the game.

In the afternoon we had one to one time with the carers and other members of staff. This was nice to get together and have a chat over a nice cup of tea, as well as enjoying tea we sat and enjoyed sensory games together.

Thursday, we got dancing!

The music was playing in the lounge and we all were singing, laughing and having a good time.

In the afternoon we enjoyed getting out in the garden as well as seeing the newest members of Farnham Mill, as we welcome the ducklings.

Friday morning was a morning full of singing and laughing. This was so nice to be together and fill the home with laughter and fun.

As well as singing we got out into the garden to enjoy some fresh air and see all the ducks on the pond.

In the afternoon on Friday, we enjoyed a sensory game of “WHATS IN THE BAG”

We had to guess the different items in the bag just by feeling them. Some of the items where a lot harder than others but we managed to work them out with a few clues.

Saturday, we started the day by playing some golf. Some of us played it inside while others braved the cold and played a game out on the balcony.

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed different types of table games, this was enjoyed by all and got to pick the different type of table game we wanted to do.

Sunday was a busy day as we watched the church service if we wished. We got to enjoy jigsaw puzzles, garden walks, painting and we also celebrated a wedding anniversary.