This week at Farnham Mill everyone has been enjoying the warm weather by getting outside into the garden. We have all enjoyed decorating the home in easter decorations as well as fitting in our exercise and lots of singing.

Monday, we started the week with our exercise. This included stretching high and low, getting our legs matching and lightly stretching our backs and neck. As well as this we enjoyed hitting the balloon around the room and playing floor games to get the blood flowing.

In the afternoon as the sun was shining, we all got out into the garden to enjoy the warm weather. We all gathered on the promenade to watch the ducks, chat to friends and enjoy a nice cold refreshing drink.

Tuesday, we decorated our very own easter tree. This is a tradition in Germany and each egg represents an ancient symbol of life from all over the world.

In the afternoon we enjoyed the garden getting some fresh air as well as listening to all the sounds that surrounded us. If we didn’t want to go outside, we could enjoy some sensory games with the relaxing music playing in the background.

Wednesday morning, we spent one on one time with either the activities team or one of the carers. This is a nice way to spend the morning talking and laughing with a nice cup of tea in hand.

In the afternoon we got our brains working as we sat to do a giant word search and cross word. This gets us all involved and working as a team to find as many words as we could.

Thursday was our day of reflection and new beginnings. This was a day we gathered together to remember those who we have sadly lost. Residents and staff came together to sing songs, read poems and be together to remember those lost and loved.
It was a special day for all and we want to thank Sahlee Epi for organising such a magical day.

Good Friday!
We reminisced about the traditions and the history that comes with good Friday this was an opportunity to learn new things that we didn’t already know as well as adding our knowledge and stories of this day.

In the afternoon we got messy but not with paint but with chocolate. We made our very own easter eggs. The chef showed us how to make them with a demonstration then we were let lose to create our own.

As well as making our own easter eggs we enjoyed eating the chocolate too. Some of us ate the left over chocolate while others dipped strawberries into the melted chocolate.

Saturday morning, we got more creative as we made our very own chocolate easter nests. We mixed the cornflakes into the chocolate as well as decorating them with mini easter eggs and flakes.

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed an easter trolley full of yummy goodies. This included the homemade easter nests we made in the morning, hot crossed buns and yummy tea cakes.

Easter Sunday!

This day was a fun and full packed day. The morning was enjoyed by a traditional easter service, followed by some morning easter walks in the garden.

The easter bunny visited us at lunch time as we all received a special treat. After lunch we gathered in the garden for our easter bonnet parade. This was a nice way to gather with friends and have a chat as well as enjoy the afternoon sun.